Tour this exhibition space as you would a traditional gallery. Exhibitions at the Canaday Center usually begin on the left, circling back towards the right in the far end of the exhibition area. The exhibitions feature notable correspondences of remarkable individuals in Toledo, the United States and around the world. The exhibition catalog identifies 9 themes each of which you can explore in some detail through the images, label descriptions, and the narratives in accompanying catalog. We trust that you appreciate the tremendous history behind these letters, signatures, photographs, and the deep human relationships they document. Take the walking tour below or view the exhibit topics individually.


The displays in the center exhibit case (viewed from the entrance) include an Underwood typewriter, a pair of glasses, and letter writing manuals with instruction on etiquette for ladies, gentlemen, and children.


The exhibition begins on the south (right) side with the largest topic, United States Political Leaders, followed by Leaders of Business and Industry, Watergate Scandal. and Intellectuals and Reformers.


In the west end of the exhibition area is an Italian-made model of the ship that Amerigo Vespucci has used. Although this model is not a part of our exhibition, it present a good idea of how much of the historical correspondence relied on this method of transportation and weather conditions. The model was donated to the University Library by Donald Duhaime. The other photograph presents a view of the exhibition area with the entrance (hidden behind the center case, looking east).


The exhibition continues on the south side of the exhibition room with letters from celebrities and sports figures, literary figures, foreign dignitaries, famous toledoans, and extraordinary correspondence from ordinary people. When you complete your round, do not forget to grab a catalog!





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