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Toledo's Attic focuses on the commercial, industrial, and social history of Toledo and Northwest Ohio from the late nineteenth century to more recent times. 


The Toledo's Attic collections include historical essays, exhibits, and digital copies of primary source materials from the Ward M. Canaday Center for Special Collections, the Toledo Lucas County Public Library's Local History and Genealogy Department, and the Maumee Valley Historical Society. Access to additional material is provided through links to the sites of organizations that publish them on their Websites and in various social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Toledo's Attic does not claim credit for the images and other content on these sites, so state your attributions correctly.



The structure of this site gets complicated as we add more features and contents, but you can still move around relatively easily. Use the main menu to access all the resources and information on this site.  Hovering over the individual menu item (e.g., Essays, New Media, Resources) in the main menu will open a drop-down with a  sub-menu. Clicking the menu item will open an overview page with overviews and links to related exhibits. The top menu provides a quick link to the home page, a community calendar, and a login link for administrators, members, and contributors.  Finally, the breadcrumb trail offers a path to related pages, but can be confusing to first-time visitors. You can safely ignore them and still get to pages of interest with a few clicks.

Toledo History on Map - Use this map (under the main menu item "New Media") to search for essays and other exhibits associated with a specific location. A red pin indicates one place for the area while a round icon with a number shows as many items. Click on those bubbles to zoom in for individual pins. Move the cursor over the location to view the description and then click on the title to access the page (with an essay or other exhibit) associated with that location.

Historical Timeline - Although not fully integrated into the site, this timeline will present you with a sequence of historical events from Ohio's first days of statehood to recent decades.


Go under "Tour Toledo" to find virtual tours of the city. These thematic tours have been set up in the Toledo's Attic channel in HistoryPin, which allows you to access the locations in a predefined sequence. The Google maps street view allows you to view places that once were the stage for historical events or sites of historical buildings used by organizations and people that made Toledo.

Essays and Exhibits

You can access the essays and other interactive exhibits under "Essays," "Exhibits," and "New Media." They are organized topically (e.g., Architecture, Biography, Historical Events, etc.) and often link to each other. Essays with many images associated are link to the slide shows or other presentation showing more images in large view. You can view the abstracts for each topic in the drop-down.

New Media

This heading refers to various interactive content that has been developed for Toledo's Attic since its beginning.  Particularly interesting are the interactive panoramas in Quicktime Movie format developed on early Macintosh computers.  Ironically, these innovative contents are not accessible to current tablets and handheld devices, so feel free to use a laptop or desktop with Quicktime intalled.  Similar situation with Flash presentations: use a desktop or laptop with Adobe Flash installed. Toledo's Attic will remain a place for some obsolete but accessible media as well as the latest ones using geospatial technologies.

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Toledo's historically advantageous location presents rich material for historians, teachers, and students alike. Students from District 1 have succeeded in Ohio History Day competitions. We encourage all visitors to conduct research using the primary sources, digital collections, and other valuable publications at the area archives, museums, and libraries.

Social Media

In addition to the core content, there are ongoing efforts to curate these collections in social network sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, and some others. You can access all these sites and networks under "Social Media," and feel free to join and contribute.


Links to websites of historical societies, blogs, and various related services may help you expand your search beyond Toledo's Attic. The information therein is beyond the control of Toledo's Attic and may not focus on local history. Feel free to use the comment box or post in Facebook or Twitter to suggest topic-relevant sites.

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Museum exhibitions and virtual exhibits present these materials thematically in an effort to educate and inform visitors about local history and related resources.

Virtual Tours

Explore Toledo history through these thematic tours in HistoryPin.


Search the various digital archives such as the University of Toledo Digital Repository, Images in Time, and others.


Use the HistoryPin and maps to discover Toledo history through spatial exploration.  HistoryPin features collections specifically developed by Toledo's Attic whereas the content in is a collectively product of a rapidly growing community. 

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