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1132 Erie St. (1840s) Property name: John Boice House, Category: Architecture
1140 Michigan (1847) Property name: Victor Domhoff House, Category: Architecture
830 Locust St. (1848) Property name: James G. Franklin House, Category: Architecture
718 - 720 Walnut St. (1848) Property name: Edson Allen House, Category: Architecture
833 Huron Ave. (1849) Property name: Frederick Eaton House, Category: Architecture - Commerce
922 Ontario St. (1850) Property name: Henry E. Pratt House, Category: Architecture (Demolished)
329 Chestnut St. (1851) Property name: William Raymond House, Category: Architecture
831 Elm St. (1851) Property name: John H. Wiemeier House, Category: Architecture
1107 Ontario (1852) Property name: Frederick Daum House, Category: Architecture
802 Chestnut St. (1854) Property name: Henry H. Samsen House, Category: Architecture
915 Erie St. (1856) Property name: Beach House, Category: Architecture
718-710 Locust St. (1858) Property name: James Coldham House, Category: Architecture
1131 Ontario (1858) Property name: William Essing House, Category: Architecture
27 Broadway St. (1859) Property name: The Oliver House, Category: Architecture (Isaiah Rogers) - Commerce - Engineering
612-614 Elm St. (1861) Property name: Josiah D. Cook House, Category: Architecture - Invention
807 Superior St. (1862) Property name: Miles D. Carrington House, Category: Architecture
126-152 Summit (1862-1897) Property name: The Fort Industry Square, Category: Architecture - Commerce
927 Ontario St. (1863) Property name: John Best House, Category: Architecture
11 12th St. (1865) Property name: , Category: Architecture (Demolished)
835 Ontario St. (1865) Property name: George Curson House, Category: Architecture
316 Adams St. (1866) Property name: Trinity Episcopal Church, Category: Architecture - Religion
220 Columbia St. (1866) Property name: Henry Philipps House, Category: Architecture (Demolished)
102-106 South St. Clair (1866) Property name: Evoy's Saloon, Category: Architecture - Commerce
1123 Ontario (1866) Property name: George Loeb House, Category: Architecture
2226 Monroe (1867) Property name: William Walding House, Category: Architecture
228 South St. Clair St. (1867) Property name: Grasser Brand Brewery, Category: Architecture - Industry
Foot of Madison Ave. (1868) Property name: Old No. 11 Fire House, Category: Architecture (Demolished)
311 Bush St. (1869) Property name: Joseph K. Secor House, Category: Architecture - Commerce
Superior and Cherry (1869) Property name: St. Francis de Sales' Church, Category: Architecture (Keeley)
806 Huron Ave. (1870) Property name: Pomeroy Hall, Category: Architecture
1022 Superior Ave. (1871) Property name: William Cummings House, Category: Architecture
2-4-6 South St. Clair St. (1872) Property name: Cincinnati Block (formerly Hotel Henry; Laurel Hotel), Category: Architecture - Commerce
2413 Collingwood Blvd. (1872) Property name: Christian Gerber House (Mary Manse College), Category: Architecture (Norehouse)
508 - 510 Wade St. (1872) Property name: Loodenalager & Brush Houses, Category: Architecture
120-124 St. Clair (1874) Property name: The Western Shoe Co., Category: Architecture - Commerce (Demolished)
607-623 Monroe St. (1874) Property name: Hannon's Block, Category: Architecture - Commerce
332 Batavia St. (1876) Property name: Gilbert Harmon House, Category: Architecture - Social
2052-2054 N. 13th St. (1878) Property name: John Henry House, Category: Architecture (Demolished)
630 Virginia St. (1878) Property name: George Nort House, Category: Architecture
618 Michigan St. (1879) Property name: St. Mary's Catholic Church Parish House, Category: Architecture - Religion
109 Prescott (1881) Property name: Spencer Carr House, Category: Architecture - (Demolished)
1822 Cherry St. (1882) Property name: Harvey House, Category: Architecture - Medicine - Local History
2032 Canton St. (1882) Property name: Ebenezer Baptist Church, Category: Architecture - Religion
2357 Collingwood Blvd. (1883) Property name: Laskey House (Mary Manse College), Category: Architecture
2403 Collingwood Blvd. (1885) Property name: Henry Neel House (Mary Manse College), Category: Architecture
32-46 South St. Clair St. (1885) Property name: The Dixon Hotel (Fort Dixon Museum), Category: Architecture - Commerce
2035 Collingwood Blvd. (1887) Property name: Reynolds-Secor House, Category: Architecture (Fallis) - Commerce
2012 Vermont (1887) Property name: Isaac Smead House, Category: Architecture (Demolished)
2425 Collingwood Blvd. (1887) Property name: J.L. Wolcott House (Mary Manse College), Category: Architecture
1929 Franklin Ave. (1888) Property name: Thomas J. Southard House, Category: Architecture
2037 Franklin Ave. (1888) Property name: Trowbridge House, Category: Architecture
301 Broadway St. (1888) Property name: Albert Neukom House, Category: Architecture
801 Jefferson Ave. (1890) Property name: Pythian Castle, Category: Architecture - Culture
902 Jefferson Ave. (1891) Property name: Earle Hotel, Category: Architecture - Commerce (Demolished)
Adams and Erie Sts. (1891) Property name: Lucas County Courthouse, Category: Architecture (Stine)
206 Michigan St. (1892) Property name: Meredith Bldg. (Central Chandelier Co.), Category: Architecture - Commerce (Demolished)
402-412 Adams St. (1892) Property name: Valentine Building (Willard Motor Hotel), Category: Architecture (Fallis) - Commerce - Theater
Jefferson and St. Clair (1892) Property name: Coghlin Building, Category: Architecture - Commerce (Demolished)
2237 Collingwood Blvd. (1893) Property name: William J. Walding House, Category: Architecture (Demolished)
504 Madison Ave. (1893) Property name: Gardner Building, Category: Architecture (Gardner)
2052 Robinwood Ave. (1894) Property name: Henahan-Breyman House, Category: Architecture
2465 Cherry St. (1894) Property name: Plymouth Congregational Church, Category: Architecture (Langdon) - Religion (Demolished)
2001 Ashland Ave. (1895) Property name: Ashland Ave. Baptist Church, Category: Architecture (Stine)
2268 Scottwood Ave. (1895) Property name: George S. Mills House, Category: Architecture (Mills)
810-814 Jackson St. (1896) Property name: City Jail and Sheriff's Residence, Category: Architecture (Stine) (Jail Demolished)
514-526 Madison Ave. (1896) Property name: Spitzer Building, Category: Architecture (Huber) - Commerce
2274 Glenwood Ave. (1896) Property name: J. J. Freeman House, Category: Architecture (Mills and Wachter)
402 Monroe St. (1896) Property name: Wheeler Block, Category: Architecture - Commerce (Demolished)
Madison Ave. at 13th St. (1897) Property name: St. Paul's United Methodist Church, Category: Architecture (Fallis) (Demolished)
719-723 Jefferson Ave. (1898) Property name: Burt's Theatre, Category: Culture
2251 Robinwood Ave. (1898) Property name: Julian H. Tyler House, Category: Architecture
2205 Collingwood Blvd. (1901) Property name: Edward Ford House, Category: Architecture (Mills) - Industry
2210 Robinwood Ave. (1901) Property name: Tillinghast-Willys-Bell House, Category: Architecture - Commerce - Industry
518 Jefferson Ave. (1903) Property name: Manhattan Building , Category: Architecture (Fallis) (Demolished)
12-14 15th St. (1903) Property name: Macomber Apartments, Category: Architecture (Demolished)
2116 Parkwood Ave. (1903) Property name: Leeper-Geddes House, Category: Architecture
219 Page St. (1903) Property name: St. Mary's School, Category: Architecture (Bacon) - Religion
702-712 Madison Ave. (1905) Property name: Colton Building, Category: Architecture (Demolished)
1855 Collingwood Blvd. (1905) Property name: Rudolph A. Bartley House, Category: Architecture (Fallis) - Commerce
2108 Collingwood Ave. (1905) Property name: Collingwood Ave. Presbyterian Church, Category: Architecture - Religion
36 South Erie St. (1906) Property name: Standart-Simmons Hardware Co., Category: Architecture - Commerce
Madison Ave. and Huron St. (1906) Property name: Nicholas Building, Category: Architecture (Bacon & Huber) - Commerce
2341-2347 Parkwood Ave. (1907) Property name: The Parkwood, Category: Architecture
2367-2405 Scottwood Ave. (1907) Property name: The Harold Arms Terrace, Category: Architecture
413-423 Jefferson Ave. (1908) Property name: Secor Hotel, Category: Architecture (Mills)
237 South Erie St. (1908) Property name: Toledo City Market, Category: Architecture (Fallis) - Commerce (Demolished)
2406 Franklin Ave. (1908) Property name: Delta Flats, Category: Architecture
1930-1932 Linwood St. (1908) Property name: Lynnwood Apartments, Category: Architecture (Demolished)
1709-1711 12th St. (1909) Property name: Jackson Apartments, Category: Architecture
13th and Madison (1911) Property name: Central Post Office, Category: Architecture
604 Jackson St. (1912) Property name: Toledo News-Bee Building, Category: Culture (Demolished)
802 Lafayette Ave. (1912) Property name: S.W. Flower Co., Category: Architecture
2400 Collingwood Blvd. (1912) Property name: Jesup W. Scott High School, Category: Architecture (Stine) - Education
2445 Monroe St. (1912) Property name: Toledo Museum of Art, Category: Architecture (Wachter) - Art - Education
14th and Madison Ave. (1915) Property name: Toledo Club, Category: Architecture (Mills) - Social
Cherry at Moore (1915) Property name: First United Church of Christ (First Reformed Church), Category: Architecture (Langdon/Mohly) - Religion
2049 Scottwood Ave. (1916) Property name: Dunn-Blair House, Category: Architecture (Mills) -Landscape (Olmsted Bros.)
Adams and Huron Sts. (1917) Property name: Lasalle, Koch and Co. Store, Category: Architecture - Commerce
1110 Jefferson Ave. (1934) Property name: Central YMCA, Category: Architecture

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