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A Curtain Call of Stars

A Few of the Stars Who Played the Valentine
(In No Particular Order)

Poster for "The Girl of My Dreams"Poster for "The Girl of My Dreams"

Ethel Barrymore in "Lady Frederick"

John Barrymore in "Justice"

Maurie Barrymore in "Shenandoah" (featuring a company of 200 including 25 of Roosevelt's Rough Riders)

John Philip Sousa

Leopold Stokoswski directing the Philadelphia Orchestra

Max Fiedler directing the Boston Symphony Orchestra

De Wolf Hopper

Edna Wallace Hopper

Robert Mantell in "Macbeth"

Sarah Bernhardt

Eddie Foy

The Ziegfield Follies (introduced by Oscar Hammerstein)

The Ballet Russe with Nijinski

Al Jolson

Anna Pavlova

Program for MELBA, 1910Program for MELBA, 1910Jenny Lind

Sothern and Marlowe in "The Merchant of Venice"

Sam Bernard in "He Came from Milwaukee" and "The Rich Mr. Hoggenheimer"

William Faversham in "The Squaw Man"

Robert Edeson in "Classmates"

Richard Mansfield in "Cyrano De Bergarac"

Ezra Kendall in "The Vinegar Buyer"

Otis Skinner in "His Grace De Grammont"

Weber and Fields

Fay Templeton

Peter Dailey

David Warfield

Lillian Russell

Program of the 1896-1897 SeasonProgram of the 1896-1897 SeasonWillie Collier

Maxine Elliot in "Her Great Match", "Ben Hur"

Montgomery and Stone in "The Wizard of Oz"

Olga Nethersole in "Sappho" and "Camile"

Kyrle Bellow in "Raffles"

Nat Goodwin in "The Genius"

Raymond Hitchcock in "Yankee Consul"

Mme. Schumann-Heink in "Love's Lottery"

Maude Adams in "The Little Minister" and "Peter Pan"

John Drew

William H. Crane in "His Wife's Father"

Alice Nielson in "The Bontonians"

Minnie Maddern Fiske

William Gillette in "Too Much Johnson"

Ada Rehan in the "Taming of the Shrew"


James A. Hearne in his own "Shore Acres"

Belle Theadore

Joseph Jefferson in the "The Rivals"

John Drew in the "Mrs. Malaprop"

William H. Crane

Nat C. Goodwin

Robert Taber

Francis Wilson

Joseph Holland

Julia Marlowe Taber

Fanny Rice


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