cubawideThe Spanish-American Monument outside the Lucas County Courthouse (Jackson Street side) commemorates the 1898 conflict between the United States and Spain, resulting in the acquisition of former Spanish domains in Latin America and the Western Pacific.  The roots of the conflict lie in the 1895 Cuban struggle for independence from Spain, which sought American intervention that prompted Spain to declase war on the US on April 21st of 1898.  The US Navy and Army drove out the Spanish fleet from the Philippines and Cuba by May and July, respectively, bringing the conflict to en end by July 17, 1898.  Under President William McKinley, Commo. George Dewey (US Navy), and Gen. William Shafter (US Army Volunteer Cavalry) have led the forces which also included Theodore Roosevelt who volunteered with the Army Volunteer Cavalry unit--the "Rough Riders."

Location: Lucas County Courthouse

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