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Even so, the multitude of mobile technology standards may present some challenge in developing exhibits that favor one standard or device over others.  This guide presents information for visitors experiencing problems with accessing specific contents.  This page offers some viewing recommendations and works-around, but not technical advice.

Viewing Recommendations

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Known issues

Some browsers may need the Flash and Quicktime plugins to view legacy media--that is, media previously developed for Toledo's Attic and integrated into this site -- and some of the newer Flash-based exhibits, presentations, and other interactive media.  This site can be fully accessed with standard desktop and laptop, and mobile devices with the required plugins.

Media types used on this site (thus far):

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 We will greatly benefit from receiving input from visitors reporting issues (and applicable solutions) to the toledosattic dot org at gmail dot org email address. 

Thank you for taking the time to share your concerns, questions, and solutions. 

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