The histories, pictorial essays, and narratives were mainly the works of former UT Professor of History Timothy Messer-Kruse, but other authors have also contributed to this digital library. Click on the topics for more details or click the titles to read.

Architecture (abstracts)

Historic St. Patrick's Church (by Gregory Johnson)

Old West End Tour (by Darren LaShelle and Richard Wall)

Toledo Properties Nominated for the National Register of Historic Places

Walking Tour of the University of Toledo Main Campus (by Barbara Floyd)

Biography (abstracts)

Paul Laurence Dunbar (by Timothy Messer-Kruse)

The F.B.I. Files of Richard T. Gosser (by Timothy Messer-Kruse)

John Gunckel: The Newsboy's Friend (by Tedd Long)

Josina Lott and the Lott School (by Mary Koslovsky and Cathy Seitz Whitaker)

Gustavus Ohlinger: A Man of the World (by Patrick Cook)

Barney Oldfield

Alanson Wood: Toledo's Forgotten Inventor (by Timothy Messer-Kruse)

Commercial & Industrial History (abstracts)

A Century of Toledo Scale (by Timothy Messer-Kruse)

Faces of Steel: People and History of Acklin Stamping Plant, Toledo Ohio (by Benjamin Grillot)

Toledo's Early Auto Industry: 1899 - 1905 (by Timothy Messer-Kruse)

Toledo's Gendron Wheel Company

Cultural History (abstracts)

Birmingham Days: Life and Times in Toledo's Hungarian Neighborhood (by John F. Ahern, Thomas E. Barden, and Andrew Ludanyi)

Dunbar and Martin: Printed with the Same Ink (by Patrick Cook and Ashleigh Knopp)

Hines Farm Blues Club (by Thomas Barden ad Matther Donahue)

Toledo Topics: Life at the Top in Jazz Age Toledo (by Timothy Messer-Kruse)

Educational Institutions (abstracts)

Josina Lott and the Lott School (by Mary Koslovsky and Cathy Seitz Whitaker)

The Tower's Lengthening Shadow (by Barbara Floyd)

Events in Toledo History (abstracts)

Ohio's Bicentennial (by Timothy Messer-Kruse)

Singing Toledo (by Timothy Messer-Kruse)

The Toledo War of 1835 - 1836

Global Connections (abstracts)

Two Toledos

Historic Sites (abstracts)

Woodlawn Cemetery

Labor History (abstracts)

The F.B.I. Files of Richard T. Gosser (by Timothy Messer-Kruse)

Our Club Magazine for Working Girls

Toledo Women in World War II

Ohio Historical Markers: Toledo and Vicinity

Toledo Historical Monuments and Markers (by Timothy Messer-Kruse)

Organizations (abstracts)

Boys and Girls Clubs of America

Rotary Club of Toledo

Toledo Remembers (abstracts)

Toledo Area World War II Veterans

Toledo Sports History (abstracts)

African Americans in Toledo Sports

Toledo Athletes

Toledo Baseball, 1880-Present

Transportation History (abstracts)

Nasby Interlocking Tower (by John Ehrmin and Gregory Johnson)

S. S. Willis B. Boyer

Uniformed Services (abstracts)

Toledo's Firefighters