Necrology of Toledo's Woodlawn Cemetery

Henry Hinde

Henry Hinde was born in Norwalk, Ohio on March 17, 1863. In 1886 when he came to Toledo, his first job was with the Union Manufacturing Co. This job did not last long, however, and Hinde started work at the Jewel Sewing Machine Company. In 1887 he left Toledo to take a job in Pittsburgh.("Hinde Built Tool Company into One of Major U.S. Firms," Toledo Blade 17 December 1947). Hinde returned to Toledo in 1890 and in March purchased an interest in the Toledo Machine and Tool Works. The total worth of the company was $30,000. The number of people employed was 20. In November, Toledo Machine and Tool Works was incorporated. At that time, Hinde was named the company's president and general manager.("Henry Hinde, Retired Manufacturer, Dies," Toledo Times 17 December 1947). Seven years later Hinde and his brother, Louis, bought the company. The company acquired property at Hastings and Dorr Streets that he called Plant No. 1.

In 1918, Hinde built a new plant at Westwood Avenue and Dorr Street. Two years later the firm completed a foundry there. It was capable of 1200 tons of castings a month. Eventually, the foundry was able to produce 2,200 tons. By that time the once small company employed over 1600. The company became one of the leading designers and builders of power presses and dinkred machines and tools in the United States.("Hinde Built") Though he stayed with the firm, the controlling interest was purchased by a brokerage house in 1922 for $4,000,000."Henry Hinde" Ten years later the firm was absorbed by the E.W. Bliss Co. and Hinde decided to retire from it.

Hinde began to enjoy the life of leisure he had made for himself. He spent winters in Florida and spent time playing bridge. He was also an excellent golfer. In 1933, in Palm Beach, Florida, he won the Governor's Cup and Davies Medal at the Golf Championship of the Old Guard Society. He was also a member of the Toledo Chamber of Commerce, The Toledo Club, Inverness Country Club, Knights of Columbus, and Rosary Cathedral Parish."Hinde Built" His wife Jenny died in August 1943, and four years laters, on December 16, 1943, Henry Hinde joined her.("Henry Hinde")

The Hinde Family mausoleum



The Hinde Family mausoleum












(Photography of Woodlawn Cemetery by Josef Schneider.)


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