Necrology of Toledo's Woodlawn Cemetery

Col. Henry G. Neubert*

Colonel Henry G. Neubert was born in 1842 in Toledo. He attended Toledo Public High School.Clark [C. Waggoner, ed. Manufacturing and Merchant Resources of Toledo (Toledo: Blade Printing and Paper Co., 1880), p.759]. He was a senior when he responded to President Lincoln's first call for volunteers. He enlisted as a private in the Fourteenth Ohio Volunteer Infantry. The regiment's length of service was three months, after which it would reorganize and join the Army of the Cumberland. Neubert served under Generals Sherman, Thomas, and others. He quickly moved up the chain of command to Captain. When Chatanooga was under seige, in September 1863, Captain Neubert and 100 of his men were sent to obtain rations from Fort Stevenson, Alabama. They marched eleven days over rugged mountains with only one day's rations. In the course of their trip, they relied on parched corn for food. Twenty of the group's mules died and the men were forced to abandon half their wagons. They persisted and eventually reached Fort Stevenson. After they returned in November, the Fourteenth participated in the assault on Missionary Ridge. In 1864, Neubert and his unit participated in General Sherman's Atlanta campaign and march to the sea.[Clark C., Waggoner, Ed. History of Toledo and Lucas County, 2 vols. (New York: NMonsek 7 Co Publishing, 1888), p.131].

After the war, Captain Neubert was selected by Governor Young as a member of his personal staff. He had achieved the rank of colonel and Chief of Engineers. During the labor riots of 1872, he was ordered to take control of the militia in Toledo. Neubert stopped the riots. After the riots, he was elected to Colonel of the Sixteenth Regiment of the Ohio National Guard. He retained this position until his trip to Europe in 1881 when his resignation was reluctantly accepted. He was a charter member and Post Commander of the Forsyth Post of the Grand Army of the Republic, the banner post of Ohio.(Merchants and Manufacturers Exchange, p.759).

In September 1866, Neubert was elected to the executive committee of the Convention of Soldiers in Lucas County. The organization used political action in support of measures needed to help the government make the transition from war. Colonel Neubert was also a member of the Toledo Soldiers' Memorial Association. This group raised money to build the Memorial Hall building downtown in 1886. He also served on the first trustee committee after completion.(History of Toledo and Lucas County, 261-63, p.353).

After his trip to Europe, he returned to Toledo and Colonel Neubert opened a store that specialized in crockery, glass, china, and cutlery. The store grew and was well known throughout the tri-state area. Colonel Neubert's business was valued at $25,000 to 30,000 a year.(Merchants and Manufacturers Exchange, p.759).

Colonel Neubert died on July 7, 1890. Curiously, Neubert seemed to have laid the plans for his own monument at Woodlawn. A Toledo Blade article two days after his death expressed his desire to be represented by a historical tablet. Colonel Neubert received his wish in the form of a 150-200 pound bust that sits on a stone perch. A bronze relief sculpture on the monument's face commemorates his role in William Tecumseh Sherman's march to the sea.("Civil War Bust is Stolen From Woodlawn Cemetery," Toledo Blade, 17 December 1991).

*Col. Henry G. Neubert only appeared with first inititials in the 1995 student project.  The Complate first name is based on theTravels of a Hobgoblin Taphophile

Colonel Henry Neubert's grave



Colonel Henry Neubert's grave







(Photography of Woodlawn Cemetery by Josef Schneider.)


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