Necrology of Toledo's Woodlawn Cemetery

Jay K. Secor

Jay K. Secor, son of James Secor, was born in Toledo on April 28, 1872. He was a Toledo banker and broker. Jay graduated from the Toledo public schools, then Andover Academy in Massachusetts. He returned to Toledo and became employed at the Northern National Bank. He worked there in various capacities for several years. Later in his life, he returned to the bank as a vice-president and director.(Toledo Biography Scrapbook, Local History Room, Toledo Lucas County Public LIbrary). He became a partner in the firm of Secor & Bell, established in 1898, which became Secor, Bell & Beckworth in 1920. This company was one of the first in the Toledo area to open a direct, private line to the New York stock exchange. It was a dealer in stocks and bonds as well as handling the securities and financial transactions in Toledo.

Jay was also president of the Citizens' Ice Company, president of the Toledo Bridge & Crane Company and Vice-president of the Union Savings Bank. He was a director of many companies including the Toledo Steamship Company and the W.L. Milnek Department Store. He had an active social life and was especially interested in outdoor activities. He belonged to numerous clubs including the Toledo Club, The Toledo Country Club, the Chamber of Commerce, Castalia Fishing Club of Ohio, the Erie Shooting Club, the National Golf Club of Ohio, the Dartmouth Salmon Fishing Club of Quebec, and the Ohio Society of New York. Jay Secor was a charitable man who was a leader of the Red Cross drives during World War I. He also served as a trustee of the Toledo Museum of Art

Jay was the president of the firm that constructed and owned the Secor Hotel, which was opened August 1, 1908. The hotel was named in honor of Jay who had done much to promote the new building. Painted portraits of James and Joseph Secor hung inside.

Jay Secor was ill the last two years of his life which seriously limited his business activities. He had left for Florida as part of a vacation intended for his health. He died there on February 21, 1921 at the age of 48. It was believed that his death was caused by heart disease.

Jay Secor married Mary Young Barnes on his birthday in 1898. She was the daughter of G.W. Barnes of Colorado. It was estimated that Secor's estate was worth between $4,000,000 and $5,000,000.[Harvey Scribner, ed., Memoirs of Lucas County and the City of Toledo, vol.2 (Madison: Western Historical Association, 1910), p.522].


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