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These photo exhibits are related to the early history of Ford-Wyllis rivalry and the subsequent years of developing new cars at Willys-Overland.  Each link opens the slides in separate views, so use the back arrow to return to this exhibit.

Willys-Overland Cars - photos of Willys cars from 1905 through 1920s

Why the Knight Patented Sleeve Valve Engine is Superior - advertizing catalog (1930)

New Twin Sleeve Willys-Knight (1932 Model)

The New Aero Willys - advertizing catalog (1932?)

Willys 77 - advertizing catalog (1933)

Willys Six 97 - advertizing catalog (1933?)

Willys Six 99 - advertizing catalog (1933)

The New Willys for 1940 - advertizing catalog

Building the Jeep - photos related to the development of the military Jeep at Ford and Willys

"Jeep at War" series by James M. Sessions - “Jeep at War” series of advertisements was created by illustrator James M. Sessions exhibits/willys/jeepatwar-sessions.  The watercolor paintings shown here were meant to depict the Jeep’s versatility in times of war and peace.

Willys-Overland Factories - selected photos from the Willys-Overland Administration building from opening day in 1916 to demolition in 1979

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