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Biographies: A-B

James Ashley, Sr. - Roy William Babcock - Marcus Barbour - Rudolph A. Bartley - James Baumgardner - Anderton Bentley - John Berdan - Charles H. Breyman - Otis Avery Browning

Biographies: C-F

Alonzo Chesbrough - Albert "Bert" S. Close - Elmer Harry Close - Frank Collins* - John Craig - Frank, Howard and George Crosby/Crosby Brothers - Frances Crosby - William Culver - Judge Joseph W. Cummings - Robert S. Cummings - William Cummings - Edwin F. Damschroder Sr. - Isaac Horning Detwiler - Henry Dodge - Charles C. Doolittle - John Hardy Doyle - John Felker - Stevens Warren Flower - George R. Ford - Albert V. Foster - John W. Fuller

*The original list from 1995 also includes Florence Collins but the link leads to Frank Collins's biography.

Biographies: G-L

John C. Gipe - Benjamin F. Griffin - John Gunckel - Arthur Hickock - Henry Hinde - Hugh Webb Hubbard - Thomas Hubbard - Samuel Milton Jones - Adrian "Addie" Joss - John Milton Killits - Clarence Lamb - George W. Lathrop - Gustav A. Lay - The Charles T. Lewis Family - Edward Drummond Libbey - Gilson Don Light - David Ross Locke - Robinson Locke

Biographies: M-R

Albert E. Macomber - Guido Marx - William V. McMaken - George Stratford Mills - Clement Orville Miniger - Raymon Mulford - Elizabeth Mulholland - Lynn M. Murphy - Colonel Henry. G. Neubert - Albert Neukom - C. Burton Nickels - Charles Northup - John William Oswald - Earle L. Peters - Major Merrill N. Pheatt - John Shearing Pratt - Erwin P. Raymond - Colonel William H. Raynor - Frazier Reams - Dr. Calvin Hamilton ReedS.C. Reynolds and W. B. Reynolds - William Edgar Richards - Ramson Richards - George W. Ritter - Jefferson D. Robinson - Horton C. Rorick

Biographies: S-Z

William H. Scott - James Secor - Jay K. Secor - Secor, Joseph K. - Gen. Isaac R. Sherwood - Spitzer Family - Genl. James B. Steedman - George Butler Storer - Robert A. and Frank D. Stranahan - The Tiedtke Brothers - Sergeant Ernst Torgler - Thomas H. Tracy - Morrison Remmick WaiteThe Walbridge Family - William Spooner Walbridge - Herbert Whitney - Alvin Mansfield Woolson - Samuel Young

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