Lucas County (Historical Marker, Front)Location: Lucas County.  The Remarkable Ohio website reports that the current location of this marker is unknown.

Google Street View (approximate location based on background identification)

Text: Lucas County was named for Governor Robert Lucas who championed Ohio's cause in the "Toledo War," a boundary dispute arising when both Ohio and the Michigan Territory claimed this area. The Ohio legislature created Lucas County on June 20, 1835. The first court session convened in a Toledo schoolhouse during the pre-dawn hours of September 7 to avoid the Michigan militia.

 Image credit: Remarkable Ohio, Lucas County Marker (21-48).  More images


  Lucas County (Historical Marker, Back)

Text: The Federal Government settled the dispute in Ohio's favor in 1836. Toledo remained the county seat until 1840 when it was moved to Maumee. In 1852 it was returned to Toledo. The present courthouse, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, was completed in 1897 and replaced an earlier courthouse which stood at this corner from 1853 to 1897.


Image credit: Remarkable Ohio, Lucas County Marker (21-48).  More images




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