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Steven Pecsenye's Letters from the Front

Steven PecsenyeSteven Pecsenye was a second-generation Hungarian who was born and raised in Toledo, Ohio. He attended Macomber High School and studied at the Toledo Museum of Art as well as in Salzburg, Austria.

Upon his graduation from high school, he entered the Army and served from 1945 to 1947 as a scout in the 7th Infantry. This allowed him to travel extensively throughout Italy, France, and Germany. During this time he wrote his parents, niece, and girlfriend (future wife) almost every day, often including descriptive drawings of local sights and people.

The Canaday Center in Carlson Library at the University of Toledo is fortunate to have the manuscript collection of "Steph" Pecsenye, including numerous "V-mail" letters he sent home during the War. "V-mail" or "Victory Mail" was written by service people on pre-printed envelope sheets supplied by the government. The letters were microfilmed and sent back to the United States where they were printed out on paper and mailed to the addressee. V-mail dramatically reduced the bulk of mail, freeing thousands of tons of shipping space for war materials.

For further information about the Steven Pecsenye Collection, 1942-1983, MSS-084, click here.

Other sketches by Steven Pecsenye form the Steven Pecsenye Collection, 1942-1983, MSS-084 [Digital Collection, UTDR]


The following set includes a few selected V-Mails from Steven Pecsenye to his loved ones between 1943 and 1944, including a blank v-mail form


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