indeximgThe "Wholly Toledo: The Business and Industry that Shaped the City" virtual exhibit conveys in digital format the actual exhibit that was on display in the Ward M. Canaday Center for Special Collections from November 17, 2010 to November 4, 2011. The exhibit looks at the city's commercial and industrial history from the 1860s to current day—an era that shifted between prosperity and hardship.

Tour the virtual exhibit at your own pace, view the "Wholly Toledo" movie, and discover more about Toledo, Ohio. Use the Ward M. Canaday Center and University of Toledo Library resources to begin your research. Access the finding aids for details on the featured collections, view related items in the University of Toledo Digital Repository, and visit the Toledo's Attic virtual museum. And if you need additional assistance, please give us a call at 419-530-4480.

The exhibit is organized into ten themes with an introduction. Each theme represents a chapter in the exhibition catalog, and a section of the exhibit. The panorama of the actual exhibition offers a view of how the items were displayed, and visitors to the virtual exhibit can "enter" the exhibit from there. While most items are in the public domain, some items were on loan and displayed with the permission of the owners. Much more on the topic of the economic development of Toledo is available in the collections of the Canaday Center. Patrons are invited to visit the Center and use the valuable primary sources for research on the topics of industry, business, and society in Toledo.

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WNWO-TV, Channel 24: Storytime: "Wholly Toledo offers rich look on city's economic past" (by Lou Hebert)  Read the article

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