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Toledo's Fire Fighters 

Memoria List of Toledo Firefighters Killed in the Line of Duty, 1872-1976

St. Florian, heaven's patron of firefighters, who once was dedicated to the services of your fellowmen as an official in the army of Rome, look with kindly and professional eye upon your earthly force, desirous of the preserving of our fellowmen from the dangers to life and property.

Give us cool heads, stout hearts, strong muscles, an instinct for prudent investigation and wise judgment.

Make us the terror of arsonists, the friends of children and law-abiding citizens, kind to the frightened, polite to the bores, strict with lawbreakers, and obstinate to temptations.

In troubles give us strength to be efficient, in times of great danger, give us the ability to be calm and enable us to impart assurance to those who verge on panic.

You know, beloved St. Florian, from the sacrifice of your own life for the sake of your faith, that the fireman's lot on earth is not always a pleasant one, but your own sense of duty that so pleased God, your courageous strength that so over-whelmed the devil and your saintly self-control, give us inspiration.

Make us fearless in practicing the laws of God as we are brave in protecting the lives and property of our fellowmen, and when we answer our final alarm, enroll us in your heavenly force, where we will be as proud to protect the throne of God as we have been to protect the city.

-A Firefighter's Prayer

View the complete list of Toledo Firefighters Killed in the Line of Duty, 1872-1976

Volunteer Firemen in Toledo's Early Days (From the Blade)

A Profile of the Fire Alarm Operators (circa 1930s)

These Men Hear Alarms of the City: Alert Operators Responsible for Speed of Fire DepartmentThese Men Hear Alarms of the City: Alert Operators Responsible for Speed of Fire Department









A Few Fire Chiefs Remembered.

Division Chief Louis H. Elling 1915-1927

Capt. David Manley - Firefighter 1890-1916 and Inventor of Firefighting Helmet

Division Chief Fred T. Schlorf 1935-1946 (PDF, 3 p.)

Richard Lawler - Firefighter and District Chief 1881-1935

Charles (Scotty) Schneyer - Chief Fire Alarm Operator

Casimir Trepinski - Firefighter and Assistant Chief 1893-1935

Earl Walterschied - Firefighter and Chief Inspector 1920-1949

Joseph W. McLaughlin Firefighter and Deputy Chief 1907-1949

Joseph Kenney - Firefighter and District Fire Chief 1907-1950

Division Chief Karl B. Scheidler 1951-1952

Clarence Blanchard - District Chief and Head of Fire Prevention Bureau

Frank A. Lichtenwagner - Firefighter and District Chief 1920-1968

William H. Young- Firefighter and District Chief 1929-1968* 

 *There was no link to an article on William H. Young

 Profiles of the Fallen Firefighters:

Robert G.Harrison (PDF, 2 p.)

Glenn E. Carter

William Genson

Ewald Bode

The Firefighter's Memorial

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