Location: The McKinley Memorial is located on Adams Street outside the courthouse.  This is not a historical marker but is nonetheless important to regional history. Each side at the foot of this statue has a plaque with text presented below.

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Plaque One


Plaque One Text:

William McKinley - Born At Niles Trumbell County Ohio,
January Twenty-Ninth, Eighteen Hundred Forty-Three,
Volunteer Soldier Of The Rebellion,
Representative In Congress,
Twice Governor Of Ohio,
Twice President Of The United States,
Died At Buffalo, New York, September Fourteenth,
Nineteen Hundred And One

Plaque Two


Plaque Two Text:

He Made This Country Better and Greater,
His Career Shows The Possibilities,
Of American Citizenship,
For All Time And For All Peoples,
His Name Will Stand For The Sanctity,
Of The Individual - The Home,
The Nation,

Plaque Three


Plaque Three Text:

On The Afternoon Of October Fifth,
Nineteen Hundred And One, Anno Domini,
Twenty-Six Thousand People,
Of Toledo And Lucas County,
Whose Names Are Preserved Within This Monument,
Voluntarily Contributed,
To The Fund For Its Construction.

Plaque Four


Plaque Four Text:

The President Fully Realized That His Hour ,
Had Come And His Mind Turned To His Maker,
He Whispered Feebly, Nearer My God To Thee,
The Words Of The Hymn,
Always Dear To His Heart,
Then As The Final Summons Came,
He Finally Murmured Good Bye All Good Bye,
It Is God's Way "His Will Be Done,
Not Ours"

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