Necrology of Toledo's Woodlawn Cemetery

Elizabeth Mulholland

Elizabeth Mulholland was born in Oil Springs, Ontario, Canada, in 1862. ("Mrs. Mulholland: Former Toledo Market Supervisor," Toledo Blade, 1 February 1952.) In 1870, Mulholland joined the Young Peoples' Temperence Group and, although she was quite young at the time (8 years of age), her association with the group began her long life of club activities. (Marguerite Howard, "Toledo's Women," Toledo Blade 28 November 1939.) In 1900, Elizabeth moved to Toledo and upon her arrival she joined the Women's Educational Club in order to "continue [her] own education for [her] children's sake."("Business Woman and Philanthropist Confesses Politics is Principal Hobby," Toledo Times, 24 May 1937).

After America's entry into World War I, Mulholland helped to organize the 135th Field Artillery Auxiliary. The Auxiliary, which was originally formed as a Red Cross unit, was a group of women whose brothers, sons, and husbands were serving overseas with the 135th Artillery Unit.(Ibid). The group was the first auxiliary in Ohio.(Ibid).

Following the end of the war, Mulholland became a charter member of the Vernon S. McCune unit of the American Legion auxiliary.(Ibid). She was present at the first state convention of the Legion's auxiliary in Columbus, Ohio and also attended the organizations first national convention in Kansas City.(Ibid). Later she became that organization's president.

In 1927, Mulholland was appointed the first woman market supervisor at the Toledo market on Spielbusch Avenue by Mayor William Jackson.(Toledo Blade, 1 February 1952). In that capacity, she was responsible for raising market receipts from $3,000 to $6,000 during her first year as supervisor.(Toledo Times, 24 May 1937).

In addition to her notable achievements at the market, Mulholland was also the first woman to serve on the board of the Epworth Methodist Church. She was a volunteer at Flower Hospital and a member of the board of the Toledo Red Cross.

Mulholland, who remained a popular person throughout her life, died in her home on January 31, 1952, at the age of 90. She is buried in Woodlawn Cemetery.

Elizabeth Mulholland's grave



Elizabeth Mulholland's grave




(Photography of Woodlawn Cemetery by Josef Schneider.)


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