The Oliver House (Historical Marker, Front)Location: In front of the Oliver House at Broadway Street and Ottawa Street

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Text: Overlooking the "Middlegrounds," an early site of railroad, immigration, and commercial activity, the Oliver House opened in 1859 as Toledo's premier hotel. It was designed by nationally prominent architect Isaiah Rogers, in the Greek Revival style, and built by the family of William Oliver for whom the hotel was named; owner of this land, Oliver was one of Toledo's earliest real estate investors


Image credit: Remarkable Ohio, The Oliver House Marker (8-48).  More images


  The Oliver House (Historical Marker, Back)

Text:  Architect Isaiah Rogers is known as the "father" of the modern hotel, revolutionizing hotel design with such advances as water closets and mechanical call-buttons. The Oliver House is the last of Rogers' hotels in the United States, and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and the Historic American Buildings Survey.


 Image credit: Remarkable Ohio, The Oliver House Marker (8-48).  More images




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