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Ed Lynch (Notre Dame, undefeated teams, 1907, 1909)

Hi Brigham (born Toledo, Bowling Green HS) (Ohio State) (Columbus Panhandles 1920)

Leo Petree (Kirksville (MO) HS, died Toledo) (NE Missouri State) (Cleveland Tigers, Toledo Maroons, 1920, 1922)

Edward Usher (Scott) (Michigan, National champs 1918) (Buffalo All-Americans, Rock Island Independents, Green Bay Packers, Kansas City Blues, 1921-25)

Tubby Rousch (Waite) (U Toledo) (Toledo Maroons 1922)

Jimmy Simpson (Waite) (U Detroit) (Toledo Maroons, Kenosha Maroons 1922, 1924)

Lindell “Sonny” Winters (Scott) (Ohio Wesleyan) (Columbus Tigers 1923-24)

Frank Culver (Scott) (Syracuse) (Buffalo All-Americans, Rochester Jeffersons, Canton Bulldogs, 1923-25)

Henry “Ernie” Vick (Scott) (Michigan, All-American 1921, UM Hall of Honor) (College Football Hall of Fame) (Detroit Panthers, Chicago Bears, Detroit Wolverines 1925, 1927-28) (also MLB)

Walt Cassidy (Waite) (U Detroit) (Kenosha Maroons, 1924)

Boni Petcoff (Waite) (Ohio State, All-Big Ten, team captain 1923) (Columbus Tigers, 1924-26, All-NFL 1924) (Head Coach, U of Toledo 1926-29)

Al Hadden (Scott) (Ohio State, Washington & Jefferson) (Detroit Panthers, Providence Steamrollers, Chicago Bears, 1925-30)

Chase Clements (born Mt. Vernon, died Toledo, Mt. Vernon (OH) HS) (Washington & Jefferson) (Akron Pros, Cleveland Bulldogs, 1925)

Eddie Scharer (Scott) (Notre Dame, National champs 1924) (Detroit Panthers, Pottsville Maroons, Detroit Wolverines, 1926-28, led NFL touchdown passes 1926, 2nd team all-pro 1927)

Red Smith (born WI, Combined Locks HS (WI), died Toledo) (Notre Dame) (Green Bay Packers, New York Giants, New York Yankees, Newark Tornadoes, 1927-31) (see also baseball)
Merle Gulick (Maumee) (Toledo, Hobart, 1924-29) (College Football Hall of Fame)

Frank Pauly (Waite) (Washington & Jefferson) (Chicago Bears 1930)

Francis “Whitey” Wistert (Chicago Schurz (HS), executive with Auto-Lite in Toledo after he played) (Michigan, All-American 1932-33, UM Hall of Honor, National champs 1932, 1933) (College Football Hall of Fame) (see also baseball)

Bob Snyder (Libbey) (Ohio University) (Cleveland Rams, Chicago Bears, 1937-43, NFL champs 1940, 1941, 1943) (Head Coach, Los Angeles Rams 1947, U of Toledo 1950, Calgary Stampeders 1953)

Andy Farkas (Clay Center, Central Catholic) (U Detroit) (Washington Redskins, Detroit Lions, 1938-45, NFL champs 1942, three touchdowns in NFL championship games, led NFL in touchdowns, scoring 1939, punt returns 1943, All-NFL 1939, 1942, 2 pro bowls, NFL record longest pass reception – 99 yards)

Pat McCarty (Notre Dame, 1938 College All-Star game)

Marty Slovak (born Newport, MI, died Toledo) (U Toledo) (Cleveland Rams, 1939-41)

Duncan Obee (Central Catholic, born Battle Creek MI) (Dayton) (Detroit Lions 1941)

Arthur “Dutch” Elston (Waite, born Texhoma TX) (South Carolina) (Cleveland Rams 1942, San Francisco 49ers (AAFC) 1946-48)

Lou Marotti (Whitmer, born Chisolm MN) (U Toledo) (Chicago Cardinals, Chicago-Pittsburgh Carpets, 1943-45)

Jack Martin (Waite) (Navy, Princeton) (Los Angeles Rams 1947-49, NFL championship game 1949)

Roy Kurrasch (born Toledo, Hollywood (CA) HS) (UCLA, Hula Bowl 1947) (New York Yankees (AAFC) 1947, Pittsburgh Steelers 1948)

Bob Chappuis (DeVilbiss) (Michigan, All-American 1946, 1947, 2nd Heisman voting 1947, National champs 1947, 1948 Rose Bowl Player of the Game, Rose Bowl Hall of Fame, UM Hall of Honor) (Brooklyn, Chicago AAFC) (College Football Hall of Fame, cover Time magazine 11/3/47)

Ed McNeill (Libbey) (Michigan, National champs 1947, 1948)

Irv Wisniewski (Michigan, National champs 1947, 1948) (also basketball)

Charles Lentz (Michigan, National champs 1948, 2nd all-time Michigan single season interceptions 1949, led Big Ten interceptions 1949)

Bill Gregus (Waite) (Wake Forest, All-Southern Conference 1948, 1949, led NCAA kick returns 1948) (Hamilton Tiger-Cats (CFL))

Gerry Krall (Libbey) (Ohio State, All-Big Ten 1949, scored touchdown in 1950 Rose Bowl) (Detroit Lions, 1950)

Raymond DePierro (Libbey) (Ohio State) (Green Bay Packers, 1950-51)

Emerson Cole (Swanton HS, born Carrier Mills, IL) (Cleveland Browns, Chicago Cardinals, Chicago Bears, 1950-52, NFL champs 1950)

Bob Momsen (Libbey) (Ohio State, All-American 1950) (Detroit Lions, San Francisco 49ers, 1952)

Tony Momsen (Libbey) (Michigan, winning touchdown in 1950 “Snow Bowl,” Rose Bowl Champions) (Pittsburgh Steelers, Washington Redskins, 1951-52, Calgary Stampeders (CFL) 1953, CFL All-Star 1953)

Dick Kazmaier (Maumee) (Princeton, All-American 1951, Heisman Trophy 1951, College Football Hall of Fame, Princeton Player of the Century) (cover Time Magazine 11/18/51)

Merritt Green II (Michigan, team captain 1952)

Kenneth “Jack” Mollenkopf (Covoy, Indiana) (BGSU) (Coach Rossford and Waite (1935-46)) (Head Coach Purdue, 1956-69, 1967 Rose Bowl champs, 1967 Big Ten champs, Purdue all-time wins leader) (College Football Hall of Fame)

Bobby Recker (Central Catholic) (Dayton, MVP 1952, scored touchdown 1951 Salad Bowl, U Dayton Hall of Fame)

Jim Root (Libbey) (Miami, O., Miami HOF) (QB Chicago Cardinals, 1953, 1956) (Ottawa Roughriders (CFL)) (Head Coach, New Hampshire 1968-71, William & Mary 1972-79, National College Coach of the Year 1968)

Robert Timm (Michigan, All-Big Ten 1952)

Tom McHugh (Notre Dame, National champs 1953)

Dick Keller (Notre Dame, National champs 1953)

Dave Whiteaker (Whitmer) (Purdue) (1953 North-South All-Star game, 1954 College All-Star game)

Dick Szymanski (Libbey) (Notre Dame, National champs 1953) (Baltimore Colts, 1955-68, 3 Pro Bowls, NFL champions 1958, 1959, Super Bowl III)

Jim Parker (Scott, born Macon GA) (Ohio State, National champs 1954, All-American 1955, 1956, Outland Trophy 1956, OSU Hall of Fame, OSU All-Century team) (Baltimore Colts, 1957-67, 8 Pro Bowls, NFL champs 1958, 1959 , 8-time All-Pro) (College and Pro Hall of Fame)

Dick Strahm (U Toledo) (Head Coach, Findlay College 1975-98, 4-time NAIA national champions

Joe Amstutz (Central Catholic) (Indiana, Senior Bowl, College-All Star game) (Cleveland Browns 1957, NFL championship game 1957)

Jim Orwig (Michigan, team captain 1957, academic All-American 1955, 1957, Big Ten Medal of Honor 1958)

Karl Koepfer (Swanton) (BGSU) (Detroit Lions 1958)

Gene Cook (born Greenfield TN, Cleveland West Tech (OH) HS, Toledo City Council member, 1967-97) (U Toledo) (Detroit Lions, 1959)

Ernie Wright (Scott) (Ohio State) (San Diego Chargers, Cincinnati Bengals, 1960-72, 3 AFL all-star games, AFL champs 1963)

Dave Alt (Montana State, starting QB on NAIA national championship team, 1956) (later coached at Waite HS)

Clay White (Nebraska, leading receiver 1959-60)

Al Jamison (Libbey) (Colgate) (Houston Oilers, 1960-62, AFL Champs 1960, 1961,  All-AFL 1960, 1961, AFL All-Star game 1961, 1962)

Roland McDole (DeVilbiss, born Chester OH) (Nebraska) (St. Louis Cardinals, Houston Oilers, Buffalo Bills, Washington Redskins, 1961-78, 2 Pro Bowls, Super Bowl VII, AFL champs 1964, 1965)

Jerry Glanville (Perrysburg) (Northern Michigan) (Head Coach, Houston Oilers, Atlanta Falcons, 1986-93)

Dave Glinka (Central Catholic) (Michigan, leading passer 1960, 1961)

Tyrone Robertson (Nebraska, All-Big 8, 1962)

Bill Thornton (Libbey) (Nebraska, 1st African-American to be captain of Nebraska football team) (St. Louis Cardinals, 1963-67)

Joe Tiller (Rogers) (Montana State, East-West Shrine Game) (Calgary Stampeders 1964) (Head Coach, Wyoming 1991-96 2nd wins all-time, Purdue, 1997-2008, Coach of the Year 1997, Big Ten co-champs 2000, Rose Bowl 2001)

Odell Barry (Scott, born Memphis TN) (Findlay College) (Denver Broncos 1964-65)

Jim Thibert (Central Catholic) (U Toledo) (Denver Broncos 1965)

Sam Price (Scott, born Margaret AL) (Illinois, leading receiver 1963) (Miami Dolphins 1966-68)

Pat Gucciardo (Wickliffe (OH) HS, long-time Toledo area high school coach) (Kent State, honorable mention All-American 1965) (New York Jets, 1966)

Ed Scrutchins (born Americus, GA, Aliquippa (PA) HS, lived in Toledo after playing career, long-time Toledo educator and coach, currently Commissioner of City League) (U Toledo) (Houston Oilers, 1966)

Paul Schudel (Swanton) (Miami, O. honorable mention All-American 1963-65) (Head Coach, Ball State 1985-94 2nd all-time wins, MAC champions 1989, 1993, Head Coach Central Connecticut 2001-2003)

Heath Wingate (Whitmer) (BGSU) (Redskins 1967)

Jim Detwiler (DeVilbiss, born Bluffton) (Michigan, leading scorer 1966) (1st round draft pick, Baltimore Colts 1967)

Phil Hoag (Central Catholic) (Michigan State, All–Big Ten 1966, National champs 1965, 1966)

Rick Volk (Wauseon) (Michigan, All-American 1966, UM Hall of Honor) (Baltimore Colts, New York Giants, Miami Dolphins, 1967-78, 3 Pro Bowls, 2-time All-Pro, Super Bowl III, Super Bowl V Champs) (Cover Sports Illustrated, 12/16/68)

Dan Harshman (Notre Dame, National Champs 1966)

John Williams (Libbey, born Jackson MS) (Minnesota, All-Big Ten 1967, College All-Star game 1968) (Baltimore Colts, Los Angeles Rams 1968-79, Super Bowl III, Super Bowl V champs) (currently a dentist in Minneapolis)

Paul Elzey (St. Francis) (U Toledo) (Cincinnati Bengals 1968)

Bob Briggs (born Toledo, Rochester Brighton (NY) HS) (Heidelberg) (San Diego Chargers, Cleveland Browns, Kansas City Chiefs 1968-74)

Rufus Mayes (Macomber, born Clarksdale AR) (Ohio State, All-American 1968, National champs 1968, OSU Hall of Fame) (Chicago Bears, Cincinnati Bengals, Philadelphia Eagles, 1969-79)

Curtis Johnson (Waite) (Toledo) (Miami Dolphins, 1970-78, Super Bowl VI, Super Bowl VII, VIII champs)

Joe Green (Scott) (BGSU) (New York Giants 1970-71)

Tom Beutler (Central Catholic) (U Toledo) (Cleveland Browns, Baltimore Colts 1970-71)

Mel Long (Macomber) (U Toledo, All-American 1971) (Cleveland Browns, 1972-74) (College Football Hall of Fame)

John Saunders (Macomber) (U Toledo) (Buffalo Bills, San Francisco 49ers, 1972-75)

Marty Huff (St. Francis) (Michigan, All-American 1970) (San Francisco 49ers, 1972)

Andy Huff (St. Francis) (Notre Dame, leading scorer 1972)

John Wiza (St. Francis) (Illinois, team captain 1972)

Willie Harper (Scott) (Nebraska, All-American 1971, 1972, National Champs, 1970, 1971, defensive MVP 1971 Orange Bowl) (San Francisco 49ers, 1973-1983, Super Bowl XVI Champs, USFL New Jersey Generals, Houston Gamblers 1984-85))

Jim Kregel (Woodward) (Ohio State, All-Big Ten 1973) (Birmingham Americans, Birmingham Vulcans (WFL) 1974-75)

Marvin Crenshaw (Woodward) (Nebraska, All-American 1974)

Brad Cousino (Central Catholic) (Miami, O, All-American, 1974, Player of Game, Tangerine Bowl, 1973, 1974, Miami All-Century team) (Cincinnati Bengals, New York Giants, Pittsburgh Steelers, 1975-77, Toronto Argonauts, (CFL))

Don Coleman (St. John’s) (Michigan) (New Orleans Saints, 1974-75)

Bob Hunt (born Toledo, Tiffin Columbian) (Heidelberg) (Cleveland Browns 1974)

Rick Upchurch (Holland, Springfield HS) (Minnesota) (Denver Broncos 1975-83, 4 Pro Bowls, Super Bowl XII)

John Jacquot (Whitmer) (BGSU) (Memphis Southmen (WFL) 1974)

Linda Jefferson (Toledo Troopers) (1st woman in American Football Assn. HOF) (Woman Sports magazine Athlete of the Year 1975)

Kit Cartwright (Rogers) (Bowling Green) (Head Coach, Butler 2002-2005)

Tom Amstutz (Whitmer) (Toledo) (Head Coach, Toledo 2001-2008)

Jim Harrell (Curtice, Clay HS) (Ohio State, TD 1978 Sugar Bowl)

Jim Pickens (Sylvania) (Michigan, All-Big Ten 1977)

Jon Giesler (born Toledo, Woodmore HS) (Michigan) (Miami Dolphins, 1979-88, Super Bowl XVII, XIX)

Jerry Blanton (DeVilbiss) (Kentucky) (Kansas City Chiefs, 1979-85)

Farley Bell (DeVilbiss) (OSU, U of Cincinnati, All-Metro Conference 1979)

Mike Kennedy (St. Francis) (U Toledo) (Buffalo Bills, Houston Oilers 1983-84)

Mike Krerowicz (St. John’s) (Ohio State, All-Big Ten 1984) (Cleveland Browns, 1985 (DNP))

Jim Harbaugh (born Toledo) (Palo Alto HS, CA) (Michigan, led NCAA in passing 1985, All-American, 3rd Heisman voting 1986, Starting QB 1987 Rose Bowl) (Chicago Bears, Indianapolis Colts, San Diego Chargers, Baltimore Ravens, Carolina Panthers, 1987-2001, 1 Pro Bowl, led NFL passing 1995) (Assistant Coach, Oakland Raiders, 2002-2003) (Cover SI, 9/14/92) (Head Coach, University of San Diego 2004-2006, Stanford University 2007-2010, San Francisco 49ers 2011-present)

Tim Inglis (St. John’s) (U Toledo) (Cincinnati Bengals 1987-88)

Ted Gradel (Sylvania) (Notre Dame, leading scorer 1987, Academic All-American 1987, field goal 1988 Cotton Bowl)

Rob Chudzinski (Miami FL, National champs 1987, Honorable Mention All-American 1988) (Miami offensive coordinator)

Chuck Webb (Macomber) (Tennessee, single game rushing record) (Green Bay Packers, 1991)

Roosevelt Nix  (Scott) (Central State) (Cincinnati Bengals, Minnesota Vikings 1992-94)

Bob Spitulski (born Toledo, Orlando Bishop Moore (FL) HS) (Central Florida) (Seattle Seahawks 1992-94)

Mark Szlachcic (Whitmer) (BGSU, Blue-Gray game 1992, honorable mention all-American, (MVP of 1991 Raisin Bowl, scoring two touchdowns)

Jason Carthen (Scott) (Ohio U) (New England Patriots 1993-94)

Jeremy Lincoln (Devilbiss) (Tennessee, All-SEC 1991, blocked potential game-winning FG vs. Notre Dame to preserve Tennessee’s largest comeback ever) (Chicago Bears, St. Louis Rams, Seattle Seahawks, New York Giants, Detroit Lions, 1993-2000)

Myron Bell (Macomber-Whitney) (Michigan State) (Pittsburgh Steelers, Cincinnati Bengals, 1994-2001, Super Bowl XXX)

Tom Nutten (born Toledo, Champlain Regional (Quebec) HS) (Western Michigan) (Buffalo Bills, St. Louis Rams, 1995, 1998-2002, Super Bowl XXXIV Champs, Super Bowl XXXVI, Hamilton Tiger-Cats (CFL) 1997, NFL Europe 1998)

Bryan Robinson (Woodward) (Fresno State) (St. Louis Rams, 1997; Chicago Bears, 1998-2003; Miami Dolphins, 2004; Cincinnati Bengals, 2005-2007; Arizona Cardinals, 2008-2010)

JoJuan Armour (Central Catholic) (Miami O, 3rd team All-American 1998) (Cincinnati Bengals 1999-2002)

Jason Strasser (St. Francis) (BGSU, East-West Shrine game 1999)

Jeff Del Verne (Sylvania, St. John’s) (Michigan, 4 field goals in win over Notre Dame 1999)

Shaun Mason (St. John’s) (Michigan State, 2nd team All-Big Ten 2000)

Mel Long Jr. (U of Toledo) (British Columbia Lions (CFL) 2001)

Sam Brandon (born Toledo) (Riverside HS, CA) (UNLV) (Denver Broncos, 2002-2006)

Todd France (Maumee, Springfield HS) (U Toledo, All-time MAC leader in scoring as kicker, Academic All-American 2001) (NFL Europe)

Khary Campbell (Sylvania Southview, born Brooklyn) (BGSU) (New York Jets, 2002-03)

Joe Iorio (St. Francis) (Penn State, Academic All-American 2002) (Indianapolis Colts 2003)

Ryne Robinson (Central Catholic) (Miami O) (MAC record single-game punt return yards, 2nd NCAA punt returns, 2003)

Brandon Fields (St Johns) (Michigan State, All-Big Ten 2003, 2nd NCAA punting 2003)


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