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Northwestern Ohio

Horace Prettyman (Bryan) (Michigan, scored first home-field touchdown for UM, team captain 1884, 1885, 1886, 8-time letterwinner)

William Baker (Woodville) (Michigan, undefeated 1898)

Harry “Red” Miller (Defiance) (Notre Dame, undefeated 1907, 1909, 3rd team All-American 1909, one of five brothers to play for Notre Dame – Harry, Ray, Walter, Don and Gerry)

Walter Miller (Defiance) (Notre Dame, National champs 1919, one of five brothers to play for Notre Dame – Harry, Ray, Walter, Don and Gerry)

Jim Flower (born Akron, Akron Central HS, died Fremont) (Ohio State) (Columbus Panhandles, Akron Pros, 1920-25, All-NFL 2d team 1922, starter in possibly 1st NFL game ever played) (Coach, Akron Pros, 1924)

Fred “Fritz” Slackford (Sandusky) (Notre Dame) (Dayton Triangles, Canton Bulldogs, 1920-21) (also played basketball at Notre Dame)

Fred Day (Pandora) (Ohio Wesleyan) (Cincinnati Celts 1921)

Gaylord “Pete” Stinchcomb (Fostoria) (Ohio State, All-American 1919, 1920, OSU Hall of Fame) (College Football Hall of Fame) (Chicago Staleys, Chicago Bears, Columbus Tigers, Cleveland Indians, Louisville Colonels, 1921-26, NFL champs 1921, All-NFL 1921, 1922)

Don Batchelor (Hicksville) (Ohio Northern) (Canton Bulldogs, Toledo Maroons 1922-23)

Hal Wendler (Gibsonburg, Fremont HS) (Ohio State) (Hammond Pros, Akron Indians 1926)

Don “Midnight” Miller (Defiance) (Notre Dame, All-American 1923, one of the “Four Horsemen of Notre Dame, National champs 1924, one of five brothers to play at Notre Dame – Harry, Ray, Walter, Don and Gerry) (College Football Hall of Fame) (Providence Steam Rollers 1925) (United States Attorney for the Northern District of Ohio) (also played basketball at Notre Dame)

Al Michaels (Tiffin) (Heidelberg, Ohio State) (Akron Pros, Cleveland Bulldogs 1923-25, All-NFL 1923)

George Rohleder (Bryan) (Wittenberg) (Columbus Tigers, Akron Indians 1925-26)

Charles “Flop” Gorrill (Fostoria) (Ohio State) (Columbus Tigers, 1926)

Ed Siebert (born Fremont, Dayton Steele HS) (Otterbein) (Dayton Triangles, 1927-28)

Mack Hummon (Leipsic) (Wittenberg) (Dayton Triangles 1926, 1928)

Ivan “Ivy” Williamson (born Prairie Depot, now Wayne, Bowling Green Central HS) (Michigan, All-Big Ten 1931, 1932, team captain 1932, National champs 1932) (Head Coach Lafayette 1947-48, Wisconsin 1949-1955, Big Ten champs 1952, Rose Bowl 1953, Wisconsin athletic director 1955-69, Wisconsin HOF)

Norm Greeney (born Cleveland, died Kelley’s Island, Cleveland John Marshall HS) (Notre Dame) (Green Bay Packers, Pittsburgh Steelers, 1933-35)

Vic Vidoni (Fostoria) (Duquesne) (Pittsburgh Pirates 1935-36)

Jim Karcher (Forest) (Ohio State) (Washington Redskins 1936-39, NFL champs 1937)

John Bettridge (Sandusky) (Ohio State) (Chicago Bears, Cleveland Rams 1937)

Gene Fekete (Findlay) (Ohio State, Big Ten rushing leader, All-American 1942, 8th Heisman voting, National champs 1942, OSU Hall of Fame) (Cleveland Browns AAFC)

Bob Shaw (Richwood, Fremont Ross) (Ohio State, All-American 1942, National champs 1942, OSU Hall of Fame) (Cleveland Rams, Los Angeles Rams, Chicago Cardinals, 1945-46, 1949-50, led NFL TD catches 1950, 1 Pro Bowl, Calgary Stampeders (CFL) 1951-53, leading scorer Western Division 1951, 1952, CFL All-star 1952) (Head Coach, Toronto Argonauts (CFL) 1965-66)

Art Van Tone (born Ottawa, Mishiwaka (IN) HS) (Southern Mississippi) (Detroit Lions 1943-45, Brooklyn Dodgers (AAFC) 1946) (Head Coach, Austin Peay 1960-62)

John Fekete (Findlay) (Ohio) (Buffalo Bisons (AAFC) 1946)

Pat Lahey (Dunbridge, Bowling Green HS) (John Carroll) (Chicago Rockets (AAFC), 1946-47)

Johnny Rapacz (born Rosedale, Kalamazoo Central (MI) HS) (Western Michigan, Oklahoma, All-American 1946, 1947) (Chicago Rockets, Chicago Hornets (AAFC) 1948-49, New York Giants 1950-54)

Gene Derricotte (Defiance) (Michigan, National champs 1947, 1948, touchdown 1948 Rose Bowl, led NCAA punt returns (yards per return) 1947 (3d all-time), Big Ten record for punt returns for touchdown in a season, UM Hall of Honor)

Jack Lininger (Van Wert) (Ohio State, OSU Hall of Fame) (Detroit Lions 1950-51)

Bill Lange (born Delphos, Lima St. Rose HS) (Dayton) (Los Angeles Rams, Baltimore Colts, Chicago Cardinals 1951-55, NFL Champs 1951)

Jim Ladd (Put-in-Bay) (BGSU) (Chicago Cardinals, 1954)

Johnny Allen (Fremont Ross, born Monmouth IL) (Purdue) (Washington Redskins 1955-58)

Ken Russell (Fostoria) (BGSU) (Detroit Lions 1957-59, NFL champs 1957)

Bill Mallory (Sandusky) (Miami O, team captain 1957) (Head coach Miami 1969-73, undefeated and untied 1973, Colorado 1974-78, Big 8 champs 1976, Northern Illinois 1980-83, MAC champs 1983, Indiana 1984-96, Big Ten Coach of the Year 1986, 1987, 1st all-time wins Indiana, Miami HOF, Indiana HOF)

Joe Morrison (Lima South) (Cincinnati, Senior Bowl, North-South Game, College All-Star game 1959, UC All-Century team) (New York Giants 1959-72, 2nd all-time Giants touchdowns, NFL Championship game 1959, 1961, 1962, 1963) (Head Coach, Tennessee-Chattanooga 1973-79, New Mexico 1980-82, South Carolina 1983-89)

Ellison Kelly (Sandusky) (Michigan State) (New York Giants 1959, Hamilton Tiger-Cats, Toronto Argonauts (CFL) 1960-72, CFL Hall of Fame, Grey Cup champs 1963, 1965, 1967)
Bob Wortman (Findlay) (Referee – field judge Super Bowl VI, XI and XII and referee, NCAA basketball championship, 1975, 1976)

Bill Groman (Tiffin Columbian) (Heidelberg) (Houston Oilers, Denver Broncos, Buffalo Bills 1960-65, led AFL receiving yards 1960, touchdowns 1961, AFL champs 1960, 1961, 1964, All-AFL 1960, 1961)

Al Miller (born Fostoria, Canal Winchester and Groveport HS) (Ohio U) (Washington Redskins 1962-63)

Jim Tiller (Fremont) (Purdue, leading receiver (yards) 1960) (New York Titans 1962)

Gary Moeller (Lima Senior) (Ohio State, National champs 1961, team captain 1962) (Head Coach, Illinois 1977-79, Michigan 1990-94, Big Ten champs 1990, 1991, 1992, Rose Bowl champs 1993, Detroit Lions 2000)

Tom Nomina (Delphos St. John’s) (Miami O, Miami HOF) (Denver Broncos, Miami Dolphins 1963-68)

Dave Herman (Edon) (Michigan State) (New York Jets 1964-73, Super Bowl III Champs, 2 Pro Bowls)

Roger Lalonde (Van Wert) (Muskingum) (Detroit Lions, New York Giants 1964-65)

Ed Bettridge (Sandusky) (BGSU) (Cleveland Browns 1964)

Tom Barrington (Lima Senior) (Ohio State, OSU record kickoff return average, single-season) (Washington Redskins, New Orleans Saints, 1966-70)

Mike Current (Lima Senior) (Ohio State) (Miami Dolphins, Denver Broncos, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 1967-79)

Jim Lynch (Lima Central Catholic) (Notre Dame, All-American 1966, National champs 1966, Academic All-American 1966) (Kansas City Chiefs, 1967-1977, 1 Pro Bowl, Super Bowl IV Champs)

Mike Weger (Bowling Green HS, born Dallas TX) (BGSU) (Detroit Lions, Houston Oilers, 1967-77)

Tom Beier (born Fremont, Bay City St. Joseph (MI) HS) (U Detroit, Miami FL, All-American 1966) (Miami Dolphins 1967, 1969)

Harry Gonso (Findlay) (Indiana, All-Big Ten 1967, starting QB 1968 Rose Bowl)

Thom Darden (Sandusky) (Michigan, All-American 1971) (Cleveland Browns, 1972-81 1 Pro Bowl)

Bill Overmyer (Fremont St. Joe) (Ashland) (Philadelphia Eagles 1972)

Bo Rather (Sandusky) (Michigan) (Miami Dolphins, Chicago Bears, 1973-78)

Chuck Heater (Tiffin Columbian, born Weston, WV) (Michigan) (Assistant coach U Washington 1999-2003; Utah; Florida; Temple, 2004-present)

Fred Sturt (Swanton) (BGSU) (Washington Redskins, New England Patriots, New Orleans Saints, 1974-81)

Bob Hunt (Tiffin Columbian) (Heidelberg) (Cleveland Browns 1974)

Jimmie Kennedy (Sandusky Perkins, born Laurel MS) (Colorado State) (Baltimore Colts, 1975-77)

Ted Smith (Gibsonburg) (Ohio State, All-American 1975)

Jerry Zuver (Archbold) (Michigan, led team in interceptions 1976, 2nd All-Big Ten 1976)

Rob Lytle (Fremont Ross) (Michigan, All-American 1976, 3rd Heisman voting 1976) (Denver Broncos 1977-83, Super Bowl XII)

Bob Brudzinski (Fremont Ross) (Ohio State, OSU Hall of Fame) (Los Angeles Rams, Miami Dolphins 1977-1989, Super Bowl XIV, XVII, XIX)

Tom Moriarty (born Lima, Cleveland Benedictine HS) (BGSU) (Atlanta Falcons, Pittsburgh Steelers, 1977-81)

Stan Johnson (Sandusky) (Tennessee State) (Kansas City Chiefs 1978)

Dave Preston (Defiance, born Dayton OH) (BGSU) (Denver Broncos, 1978-83)

B.J. Dickey (Ottawa-Glandorf) (Michigan, starting quarterback 1979, threw touchdown pass in 1979 Gator Bowl, scored touchdown in 1981 Bluebonnet Bowl)

Brad Fisher (Fostoria) (Clemson, National champs 1981)

Luther Henson (Sandusky) (Ohio State, All-Big Ten 1979) (New England Patriots, 1982-84)

Jerry Burgei (Ottawa-Glandorf) (Michigan, leading tackler 1983 Rose Bowl)

James Black (born Lima, Dover HS) (Akron) (Cleveland Browns 1984)

Joe Johnson (Fostoria) (Notre Dame) (Jacksonville Bulls, USFL, 1985-87)

Tony Lee (Fostoria St. Wendelin) (Toledo) (Pittsburgh Maulers, USFL, 1984)

John Kidd (Findlay) (Northwestern, All-American 1983) (Buffalo Bills, San Diego Chargers, Miami Dolphins, Detroit Lions, New York Jets 1984-98, led NFL punting 1996)

Bob Brotzki (Sandusky St. Mary’s Central Catholic) (Syracuse) (Indianapolis Colts, Dallas Cowboys 1986-88)

William White (Lima Senior) (Ohio State) (Detroit Lions, Kansas City Chiefs, Atlanta Falcons, 1988-98, Super Bowl XXXIII)

William Howard (Lima Senior) (Tennessee) (Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1988-89)

Shawn McCarthy (Fremont Ross) (Purdue, led Big Ten punting 1989) (New England Patriots 1991-92, 3rd longest punt in NFL history)

Corey Croom (Sandusky) (Ball State) (New England Patriots 1993-95)

Alan Kline (Tiffin Columbian) (Ohio State, All-Big Ten 1991)) (New Orleans Saints 1994-95)

Orlando Pace (Sandusky) (Ohio State, All-American 1995, 1996, OSU All-Century team) (St. Louis Rams, 1997-2008; Chicago Bears, 2009-2010; 5 Pro Bowls, Super Bowl XXXIV champs, Super Bowl XXXVI)

Charles Woodson (Fremont Ross) (Michigan, All-American 1996-97, Heisman Trophy winner 1997, National champs 1997) (Oakland Raiders 1998-2005; Green Bay Packers 2006-present, 3 Pro Bowls, Defensive Rookie of the Year 1998, Super Bowl XXXVII)

Rich Glover (Lima Senior) (Michigan State) (Saskatchewan Roughriders (CFL))

Richard Newsome (Fostoria) (Michigan State) (New Orleans Saints, 2001)

Damon Moore (Fostoria) (Ohio State) (Philadelphia Eagles, Chicago Bears, 1999-2002)

Ben Roethlisberger (Findlay) (Miami O, MVP 2001, 2002, 2003, MAC MVP 2003, 3rd team All-American 2003, 4 TD passes, MVP, 2003 GMAC Bowl)

Tim Anderson (Clyde) (Ohio State, National champs 2002, All-Big Ten 2003)

Steve Stewart (Sandusky) (Michigan State, 2d team All-Big Ten 2003)

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