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Location: Scott Park and Main Campuses

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Text (Scott Park Campus, 28-48): In 1872, Jesup W. Scott donated 160 acres at this site as an endowment for a university to train "artists and artisans" to assume important roles in a growing industrial Toledo. The University held classes at Scott Park from 1922 to 1931. In 1969, the site of Scott’s land donation became the site of the University’s Community and Technical College.

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Text (Main Campus, 27-48, front): The Toledo University of Arts and Trades was established in 1872 with an endowment of 160 acres of land from Jesup W. Scott, local pioneer, publisher, and real estate broker. Scott envisioned Toledo as the "Future Great City of the World" and wanted an institution to train young people to fulfill their roles in the city’s bright future.

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Text (Main Campus, 27-48, back): The University changed its name several times — to the Manual Training School (1884), The Polytechnic School (1900), and The University of the City of Toledo (1921). It changed locations many times as well, until President Henry Doerman brought it to this location in 1931. The University was supported by the city from 1883 to 1967, when it joined Ohio’s system of state universities.


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