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Location: Levis Square, Toledo

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Text: Attracted by the promotion of a civic group, as well as abundant fuel, Edward Drummond Libbey relocated his glass operation from Massachusetts to Toledo in 1888. His company won renown as a producer of fine art glass. Michael J. Owens, a Libbey Superintendent, developed the first fully automatic bottle-making machine in 1903. His invention revolutionized the industry and helped eliminate child labor in glass factories.

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Text: In 1899, Edward Ford established his quality plate glass factory upriver and developed Rossford as a model company town. Locally developed innovations include glass tubing, sheet window glass, and fiber glass. In the twentieth century, Toledo has served as corporate headquarters for Owens-Ford (1930), and Owens-Corning Fiberglass (1938).


Image Credit: Remarkable Ohio, The Glass Capital Marker, 17-48     More images...


Note: the historical marker has been moved (again) and is farther away from this Google Street View point.




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