These digital archives provide you access to newspaper archives and news coverage related to Toledo and surrouinding communities:

Toledo Blade and other Toledo-area Digitized Historical Newspapers

The Toledo Blade - University of Toledo Libraries, Microfilm: 1835-1960 (January 2) and 1960 (January 3) - Present (April 2015, missing: August 2003)

Toledo Blade - Digitized copies (Mar 24, 1869 - Dec 31, 2007, via Google News Archive Search)
Weekly Toledo Blade - Digitized copies (Jan. 5, 1871 - Dec. 31, 1874, via Google News Archive Search)

The Toledo Bee - Digitized copies (Jan 1, 1900 - May 23, 1903, via Google News Archive Search)

The Toledo News-Bee (Oct 1, 1903 - July 9, 1949, via Google News Archive Search)

The Toledo Sunday Bee (July 8, 1901 - September 30, 1903, via Google News Archive Search)

Chronicling America - A Digital Library of archived newspapers at the Library of Congress

Historical Newspapers Online (by State)

International Coalition on Newspapers - Global Newspaper Digitization Projects

Newspaper Archive, Advanced Search - Search old newspapers

Newspaper Archives, Indexes & Morgues (Library of Congress)

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