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As with any Web content, visitors of Toledo's Attic may have questions about the content, structure, and navigation on this site. This FAQ page will address a variety of issues and questions visitors may have, and many will appear here to help visitors get most of out this site.

Question 1: The site does not display correctly in my browser

Answer: The site was developed using Mozilla Firefox but was also checked in Chrome, Opera, Safari, and Microsoft Edge. Our suggestion is to switch to such browsers as Firefox, Chrome, or Opera while visiting Toledo's Attic. You may still notice variations in the ways the site's contents appear and function.

Question 2: I am using a mobile device to access the site. Some pages simply do not open.

Answer: The site has been updated to Joomla 4.2.6, which is responsive to appear well on various mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops) and desktops. Many new features are specifically included for mobile users, but the original contents (such as interactive panoramas and flash content) had been created as early as 1997 and early 2000s. These will display on desktop and laptop computers, and as historical digital artifacts will remain in Toledo's Attic. Even so, it may be necessary to download and install QuickTime and Adobe Flash in your browsers to view these historical formats. We advise all mobile visitors not to handle mobile devices while driving.

Question 3: I have discovered material that is incorrect. How do I get to change that?

Answer: Please send an email with some description of the inaccuracy, and provide complete documentation (citation) such as a reference source or other source literature.

Question 4: How do I contribute to the material on Toledo's Attic?

Answer:Toledo's Attic continually accepts well-written historical essays with correct references (footnotes and a complete bibliography) following the Chicago Manual of Style. Donors may also submit photographs or other media, granted that they are either the sole creators or have obtained permission to publish that material. Authors retain their intellectual ownership even though the digital publication of essays and media will mean global access to these contents. A deed of gift form will acknowledge the receipt of all materials donated to Toledo's Attic.

Question 5: Is Toledo's Attic present in social media?

Answer: Yes. Please view the various social media channels where Toledo's Attic is present - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Question 6: Some videos are no longer playing in my browser

Answer: This is because browsers are changing, and some video formats no longer work in popular browsers. The horizontal panoramas used in the Historical marker series can still be viewed in the Safari browser.