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Interim Period (1923-1925)

“During the Interim Period, Mrs. Smith rented the Club House and ran it as a resort hotel.” 14

Prohibition (1920-1933)

 Prohibition Recollections:

“During Prohibition days, members of the New Club never ran out of drink because the friendly Canadian shore was always quite close.  There was a well-established routine.  Club members would organize an expedition, hire a speedboat and head for Pelee Island.  Once there you had but to spend a dollar, register at a Canadian Hotel, and for purposes of visiting the liquor store, you were then a full-fledged Canadian resident.  The store was quite handy to the boat landing.” 15

Two couples from the Middle Bass Club (who shall remain anonymous) found a clever way to go to Pelee Island, Canada in a speedboat for a “booze run” during Prohibition.  They asked a pregnant woman to sit in the front seat of the boat, wearing her “Mother Hubbard” style maternity dress.  After purchasing the booze at Pelee Island, the contraband alcohol was placed on the floor of the boat hidden underneath the pregnant woman’s  “Mother Hubbard” maternity dress.  At that time, it was well understood that a Customs Agent would never dare to ask a pregnant lady to stand if the boat was pulled over by the authorities… 16

One Club member (who shall remain anonymous) carried a glass flask in his back pocket during Prohibition while vacationing at the Middle Bass Club.  Unfortunately, one time when he was swinging on a tree playing with the children, he fell on his backside and broke the glass flask; he had to go to Put-in-Bay to get his backside stitched up… 17