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Revised by Tamara Jones, 2012

ABOUT THESE PAGES –The pages that follow are intended to be a comprehensive listing of Toledoans and northwestern Ohioans who have achieved a certain measure of national fame in the world of sports.  The listing is a work in progress and the author welcomes additional information about the people listed (e.g. school attended for those whose information is not provided) or those that should be added to the listings.  The list is divided by sport and each sport is divided into two sections – Toledoans and northwestern Ohioans.  To determine whether someone should be listed requires a determination of what is a Toledoan or someone from northwestern Ohio and what constitutes fame.

As to the first question, those who were born or died in Toledo (or northwestern Ohio) are listed, as well as any who went to high school in Toledo or spent a considerable amount of their youth in Toledo.  Also included are persons who may not have met any of those categories, but clearly made Toledo (or northwestern Ohio) their home as adults.  Those who lived in Toledo or northwestern Ohio only as part of their career in sports, such as players and coaches with the Mud Hens, the University of Toledo, or Bowling Green State University, however, are not included.  Included in the Toledo section of each sport are those from Toledo and its immediate environs, e.g. Sylvania, Maumee, Genoa, Perrysbug, Swanton.  The northwestern Ohio listing includes an area that runs roughly from Sandusky through Tiffin to Lima and west from Lima to the Indiana border.  (Thus, the following towns would fall outside this line – Norwalk, Bellevue, Bucyrus, Upper Sandusky and Wapokeneta.)  Those who might qualify as both a Toledoan and a northwestern Ohioan, such as someone who was born in Toledo, but grew up and attended high school in Wauseon or Bowling Green, are included in the Toledo section only.  People from southeastern Michigan are not included, unless they were born or attended primary or secondary school in Toledo.  A couple of coaches that might not otherwise qualify are included, because they served as high school coaches in Toledo for several years before going on to achieve national fame.

As to the question of what level fame merits listing – it must be achieved on a national level.  For baseball, this would mean playing in the major leagues, or being a first team All-American at the college level or being drafted in the first round of the major league draft.  For football, this means playing professionally in the NFL or a league that merged into it, the WFL, USFL or CFL (Arena football and NFL Europe do not qualify, nor does playing in the NFL only as a replacement player during a work stoppage).  In addition, those who did not play professionally but achieved some national fame at the college level are included.  There is no bright line, but this would include being named All-American, All-Conference in a major conference, leading the nation in a statistical category, captaining or leading a major college team in a major statistical category, scoring a touchdown in a bowl game, or being a starter or significant contributor to a national championship team.  For the purposes of determining national fame on these pages, the Mid-American Conference is not considered a major conference.  Serving as head coach of any Division I school, including the MAC, does qualify.  For basketball, the same general guidelines apply as for football; playing in the NCAA basketball tournament would qualify.  For other sports, playing professionally, making an Olympic or Pan American games team, or achieving All-American status in NCAA Division I, clearly qualifies.


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Candy Cummings (born Ware, MA, died Toledo) (New York Mutuals, Baltimore Canaries, Philadelphia Whites, Hartford Dark Blues, Cincinnati Reds, 1872-77, National Baseball Hall of Fame, credited with inventing the curveball)

Lee Richmond (born Sheffield, OH, died Toledo) (Brown University) (Boston Red Caps, Worcester Ruby Legs, Providence Grays, Cincinnati Red Stockings, 1879-1886, 1st perfect game in Major Leagues) (physician, math teacher at Toledo HS, principal at various Toledo schools, Dean of Men at U of Toledo)

Lafayette “Lave” Cross (born Milwaukee, died Toledo) (Louisville Colonels, Philadelphia Athletics, Philadelphia Phillies, St. Louis Browns, Cleveland Spiders, St. Louis Perfectos, Brooklyn Superbas, Washington Senators 1887-1907, 1905 World Series with Philadelphia Athletics, manager Cleveland 1899)

Pete McShannic (born Pittsburgh, PA, died Toledo) (Pittsburgh Alleghenys, 1888)

Babe Doty (Genoa) (Toledo Maumees, AA 1890)

Jerry Nops (Baltimore Orioles, et al., 1896-1901)

Roger Bresnahan (Washington Senators, Baltimore Orioles, New York Giants, Chicago Cubs, St. Louis Cardinals, 1897-1915, 1905 World Series champs, National Baseball Hall of Fame) (Manager St. Louis Cardinals 1909-1912, Chicago Cubs 1915)

George Kelb (Cleveland NL, 1898)

Tully “Topsy” Hartsel (born Polk, OH, died Toledo) (Louisville Colonels, Cincinnati Reds, Chicago Cubs, Philadelphia Athletics, 1898-1911, World Series 1905, World Series champs 1910, led AL in walks (5), on-base pct. (2), stolen bases and runs)

Erve “Dutch” Beck (Brooklyn Superbas, Cleveland Blues, Cincinnati Reds, Detroit Tigers, 1899-1902)

Harvey Bailey (born Adrian, MI, died Toledo) (Boston Beaneaters, 1899-1900)

Ed Scott (Walbridge) (Cincinnati Reds, Cleveland Blues, 1900-01)

Nig Fuller (Brooklyn Superbas, 1902)

Addie Joss (born Woodland, WI, died Toledo) (Cleveland Naps, 1902-10, National Baseball Hall of Fame, perfect game 1908)

George Mullin (Detroit Tigers, Washington Senators 1902-13, World Series 1907, 1908, 1909, 3 World Series pitching victories, Indianapolis Hoosiers, Newark Pepper, Federal League 1914-15)

Fred “Bonehead” Merkle (born Watertown, WI, attended Toledo HS, lived on Yondota Street) (New York Giants, Brooklyn Robins, Chicago Cubs, New York Yankees, 1907-26, World Series 1911, 1912, 1913, 1916, 1918) (high school math teacher was Lee Richmond, see above)

Roy Beecher (Swanton) (NY Giants, 1907-08)

Harry Hinchman (born Philadephia, PA, died Toledo) (Cleveland Naps, 1907)

Frank Gilhooley (St. Louis Cardinals, NY Yankees, Boston Red Sox, 1911-19)

Len Madden (Chicago Cubs, 1912)

Al Schulz (NY Yankees, Cincinnati Reds, 1912-16)

Ralph Comstock (Sylvania) (Detroit Tigers, Boston Red Sox, Pittsburgh Pirates 1913, 1915, 1918, Pittsburgh Rebels, Federal League 1915)

Rollin Cook (St. Louis Browns, 1915)

Harry McCluskey (Clay Center) (Cincinnati Reds, 1915)

Merlin Kopp (Washington Senators, Philadelphia Athletics, 1915-19)

Emilio Palmero (born Guanabacoa, Cuba, died Toledo) (New York Giants, St. Louis Browns, Washington Senators, Boston Braves, 5 years spread out between 1915-28)

Ernie Neitzke (Boston Red Sox, 1921)

Henry “Ernie” Vick (Scott) (Michigan, UM Hall of Honor) (St. Louis Cardinals 1922-26) (also football)

Andy High (born Ava, IL, died Toledo) (Brooklyn Dodgers, Boston Braves, St. Louis Cardinals, Cincinnati Reds, Philadelphia Phillies, 1922-34, World Series champs, 1931)

Dutch Schliebner (born Charlottenburg, Germany, died Toledo) (Brooklyn Robins, St. Louis Browns, 1923)

Ollie Klee (born Piqua, died Toledo) (Ohio State) (Cincinnati Reds, 1925)

Myles Thomas (born State College, PA, died Toledo) (New York Yankees, Washington Senators, 1926-30, played World Series, 1926)

Red Smith (born WI, died Toledo) (Notre Dame) (New York Giants, 1927) (see also football)

Ralph Judd (Perrysburg) (Washington Senators, New York Giants, 1927-30)

Ollie Marquardt (Boston Red Sox, 1931)

Mickey Heath (Cincinnati Reds, 1931-32)

Harry Taylor (born McKeesport, PA, died Toledo) (Chicago Cubs, 1932)

Francis “Whitey” Wistert (executive with Auto-Lite in Toledo after he played) (Michigan, UM Hall of Honor) (Cincinnati Reds, 1934) (also football)

Jack Hallett (Chicago White, Pittsburgh Pirates, New York Giants, 1940-48)

Jim Bilbrey (born Rickman, TN, died Toledo) (St. Louis Browns, 1949)

Dick Marlowe (born Hickory, NC, died Toledo) (Detroit Tigers, Chicago White Sox, 1951-56)

Bob Meyer (U Toledo) (Kansas City Athletics, NY Yankees, Milwaukee Brewers, 1964-70)

Tom Matchick (Hazleton, PA, stayed in Toledo after playing with Mud Hens) (Detroit Tigers, Boston Red Sox, Kansas City Royals, Milwaukee Brewers, Baltimore Orioles, 1967-72, World Series champs 1968)

Dick Drago (Woodward) (Kansas City Royals, Boston Red Sox et al., 1969-81, losing pitcher game 2 1975 World Series, gave up Hank Aaron’s 755th home run)

Geoff Zahn (DeVilbiss, born Baltimore) (Michigan) (Los Angeles Dodgers, Chicago Cubs, Minnesota Twins, California Angels, 1973-85) (Led AL in shutouts 1984) (former Head Coach U of Michigan)

Terry Harmon  (Ohio University) (Philadelphia Phillies, 1967-77, major league record most chances in a nine-inning game at 2b)

Dennis Kinney (born Toledo, Bedford HS MI) (Cleveland Indians, San Diego Padres, Detroit Tigers, Oakland Athletics, 1978-82)

Len Matuszek (born Toledo, Cincinnati Moeller HS) (U Toledo) (Philadelphia Phillies, Los Angeles Dodgers, 1981-87)

Bill Laskey (Kent State) (San Francisco Giants, Montreal Expos, Cleveland Indians, 1982-88)

Stan Clarke (U Toledo) (Toronto Blue Jays, Seattle Mariners, Kansas City Royals, St. Louis Cardinals, 1983-90)

Jim Leyland (Perrysburg) (Manager 1986-99 – Pittsburgh Pirates, Florida Marlins 1997 World Series Champions, Colorado Rockies)

Denny McNamara (St. Francis) (Central Michigan, 1st team All-American, 1990, CMU Hall of Fame)

Tom Marsh (Philadelphia Phillies, 1992-95)

Ron Rightnowar (Whitmer) (Milwaukee Brewers, 1995)

Dan Masteller (Michigan State) (Minnesota Twins, 1995)

Chris Fussell (Oregon Clay) (Baltimore Orioles, Kansas City Royals, 1998-2000)

Doug Mientkiewicz (born Toledo, Westminster FL Christian HS) (Florida State) (Olympic gold medalist 2000) (Minnesota Twins, 1998-2004; Boston Red Sox, New York Mets, Kansas City Royals, et al 2004-2009)

Brad Hennessey (Whitmer) (Youngstown St.) (1st round draft pick San Francisco Giants 2001)

Northwestern Ohio

Leander “Dan” Abbott (Portage) (3 games with Toledo Maumees, AA, 1890)

Tom Letcher (Bryan) (Milwaukee Brewers, AA, 1891)

Phil Saylor (Van Wert County) (Philadelphia Phillies, 1891)

William “Dummy” Hoy (Houcktown) (St. Louis Browns, Washington Senators Cincinnati Reds, Louisville Colonels, Chicago White Stockings, 1888-1902, led NL in stolen bases 1888, walks 1891, hit first grand slam in American league history, first player enshrined in American Athletic Association of the Deaf HOF, Cincinnati Reds HOF)

Frank Foutz (born Baltimore, MD, died Lima) (Baltimore Orioles, 1901)

Jack Himes (Bryan) (St. Louis Cardinals, 1905-06)

Tex Neuer (Fremont) (New York Yankees, 1907)

William “Lucky” or “Red” Wright (Tontogany) (Cleveland Naps, 1909)

Jerry Upp (Sandusky) (Cleveland Naps, 1909)

Speed Kelly (Bryan) (Washington Senators, 1909)

Jimmy Walsh (Lima) (Philadelphia Phillies, 1910-13, Baltimore Terrapins, St. Louis Terriers, Federal League, 1914-15)

Del Drake (Findlay) (Detroit Tigers 1911)

Elmer Miller (Sandusky) (St. Louis Cardinals, New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox, 1912, 1915-18, 1921-22, World Series 1921)

Chuck Miller (Woodville) (St. Louis Cardinals, 1913-14)

Elmer Smith (Sandusky) (Cleveland Indians, Washington Senators, Boston Red Sox, New York Yankees, Cincinnati Reds, 1920 World Series champs, 1922 World Series)

Pete Fahrer (Holgate) (Cincinnati Reds, 1914)

Pat Hilly (Fostoria) (Philadelphia Phillies, 1914)

Marty Becker (Tiffin) (New York Giants, 1915)

Al Halt (Sandusky) (Cleveland Indians 1918, Brooklyn Tip-Tops (Federal League) 1914-15)

Red Thomas (born Hargrove, AL, died Fremont) (Chicago Cubs, 1921)

Leo Mangum (born Durham, NC, died Lima) (Chicago White Sox, New York Giants, Boston Braves, 1924-35)

Russ Young (Bryan) (St. Louis Browns, 1931)

Forest “Tot” Pressnell (Findlay) (Brooklyn Dodgers, Chicago Cubs, 1938-42)

Art Jacobs (Luckey) (Cincinnati Reds, 1939)

Jim Mertz (Lima) (Washington Senators, 1943)

Dain Clay (Hicksville) (Cincinnati Reds, 1943-46, led national league in at bats, 1945)

Russ Kerns (Fremont) (Detroit Tigers, 1945)

Doug Gallagher (Fremont) (Detroit Tigers 1962)

Jerry Fosnow (Deshler) (Minnesota Twins, 1964-65)

Rich Reese (Leipsic) (Minnesota Twins, Detroit Tigers 1964-73)

Grant Jackson (Fostoria) (BGSU) (Philadelphia Phillies, Baltimore Orioles, New York Yankees, Pittsburgh Pirates, Montreal Expos, Kansas City Royals, 1965-82, World Series 1971, 1976, winning pitcher Game 7 1979 World Series)

Chuck Brinkman (Cincinnati, now resides in Bryan) (Ohio State, OSU Hall of Fame) (Chicago White Sox, Pittsburgh Pirates, 1969-74, brother of Eddie Brinkman)

Larry Cox (Bluffton) (Philadelphia Phillies, Seattle Mariners, Chicago Cubs, Texas Rangers, 1973-82)

Bill Sharp (Lima) (Ohio State) (Chicago White Sox, Milwaukee Brewers, 1973-76)

Doug Bair (Defiance) (BGSU) (Pittsburgh Pirates, Oakland Athletics, Cincinnati Reds, St. Louis Cardinals, Detroit Tigers, Philadephia Phillies, Toronto Blue Jays, 1976-90, World Series champs 1982, 1984)

Bobby Sprowl (Sandusky) (Alabama) (Boston Red Sox, Houston Astros 1978-81)

John Poff (Findlay) (Philadelphia Phillies, Milwaukee Brewers, 1979-80)

Jeff Little (Fremont) (St.Louis Cardinals, Minnesota Twins, 1980-82)

Bruce Berenyi (Bryan) (Truman State) (Cincinnati Reds, New York Mets, 1980-86)

Brad Komminsk (Lima Shawnee) (Atlanta Braves, Milwaukee Brewers, Cleveland Indians, San Francisco Giants, Baltimore Orioles, Oakland Athletics, 1983-91)

Steve Fireovid (Bryan) (Miami, FL) (San Diego Padres, Philadelphia Phillies, Chicago White Sox, Seattle Mariners, Texas Rangers, 1981-86, 1992)

Chris Hoiles (born Bowling Green, Elmwood HS) (Eastern Michigan) (Baltimore Orioles, 1989-98)

Larry Arndt (Fremont) (BGSU) (Oakland Athletics, 1989)

Scott Taylor (Defiance) (BGSU) (Boston Red Sox, 1992-93)

Paul Shuey (born Lima, Raleigh NC Millbrook HS) (North Carolina) (Cleveland Indians, Los Angeles Dodgers, Baltimore Orioles 1994-2007)

Denny Stark (Hicksville, Edgerton HS) (U of Toledo) (Seattle Mariners, Colorado Rockies, 1999-2009)

Gene Stechschulte (Lima, Kalida HS) (St. Louis Cardinals, 2000-2002; Coach, Ohio Northern, 2011-present)

Andy Tracy (Bowling Green) (BGSU) (Montreal Expos, 2000-01)

Chad Zerbe (born Findlay, Tampa FL Gaither HS) (San Francisco Giants, 2000-02, World Series 2002)

Luke Hagerty (Defiance) (Ball State) (1st round draft pick Chicago Cubs 2002)

Chad Billingsley (Defiance) (1st round draft pick Los Angeles Dodgers 2003)

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Ralph Bunche (Born Detroit, lived in Toledo for a time around age 6) (UCLA) (Nobel Peace Prize 1950, Undersecretary General United Nations)

Harold Anderson  (Akron native coached Wauseon HS (1925-26) and Waite (1927-34) High Schools) (Otterbein) (Head Coach, U of Toledo 1934-42 and BGSU 1942-63, 4-time NIT Final Four, National Basketball Hall of Fame)

 Chuck Chuckovits (born Akron, Owens-Illinois executive resided in Toledo after playing career) (U Toledo, All-American 1938) (Toledo White Huts, Toledo Jim White Chevrolets, Hammond Ciesar All-Americans, Tri-CityBlackhawks, NBL leading scorer and MVP 1942, 3d highest scoring avg. NBL history) (NBA and NCAA referee)

Wyatt “Sonny” Boswell (Scott) (Harlem Globetrotters - MVP 1940 World Professional Basketball Tournament, New York Rens 1942 World Professional Basketball Tournament all-tourney team, NBL Chicago Studebakers 1942-43, 2d team all-league, Black Professional Basketball Legends Hall of Fame)

 Roscoe “Duke” Cumberland (Scott) (Harlem Globetrotters – 1940 World Professional Basketball  Tournament champions, New York Rens, NBL Chicago Studebakers 1942-43)

Bernie Price (some sources indicate Scott HS, others Libbey HS) (Harlem Globetrotters – 1940 World Professional Basketball Tournament champions – Globetrotter Legend of Honor, New York Rens – 1st team 1942 World Championship Tournament all-tourney team, NBL Chicago Studebakers 1942-43, Black Professional Basketball Legends Hall of Fame)

Tony Peyton (Scott) (Harlem Globetrotters, NBL Chicago Studebakers 1942-43)

Al Price (some sources indicate Waite HS, others Libbey HS) (Harlem Globetrotters, NBL Toledo Jim White Chevrolets 1942)

Bill Jones (U of Toledo) (NBL Toledo Jim White Chevrolets 1942)

Shanty Barnett (NBL Toledo Jim White Chevrolets 1942)

Casey Jones (NBL Toledo Jim White Chevrolets 1942)

Paul Seymour (Woodward) (U Toledo) (Baltimore Bullets, Syracuse Nationals, 1947-60, NBA champs 1948, 1955, NBA finals 1950, 1954, 2nd team All-NBA 1953-54, 1954-55, NBA all-star 1953, 1954, 1955) (Coach, Syracuse Nationals, St. Louis Hawks, Baltimore Bullets, Detroit Pistons, 1956-68, NBA Finals 1961)

John Payak (Woodward) (BGSU, NIT final 4) (Waterloo and Milwaukee Hawks (NBA), 1949-50, 1952-53, Waterloo Hawks (NPBL) 1950-51, 2nd in league in points scored, Toledo Mercurys, traveling opponent of the Harlem Globetrotters) (NCAA basketball referee)

Bob Harrison (Woodward) (Michigan, All-Big Ten 1948, 1949, NCAA tourney 1948, UM Hall of Honor) (Minneapolis Lakers, Milwaukee and St. Louis Hawks, Syracuse Nationals, 1949-58, NBA champs 1950, 1952, 1953, one of only six Native Americans known to have played in the NBA, NBA all-star 1956) (Head Coach, Harvard 1969-73)

Cal Christensen (U of Toledo) (Tri-Cities Blackhawks, Milwaukee Hawks, Rochester Royals 1950-55, at one time held NBA record for most disqualifications in a season)

Irv Wisniewski (Michigan, 1948 NCAA tourney) (Head Coach, Delaware 1954-66, 2d all-time wins) (also football)

Don Donoher (Central Catholic) (Dayton, NCAA tourney 1952) (Head Coach, Dayton 1964-89, 8 NCAA tourneys, 7 NIT tourneys, 1967 NCAA finalist, 1968 NIT Champions)
Gerald McCloskey (Notre Dame, 1953 NCAA tourney)

Jim Kubacki (Nebraska, last-second shot to upset Wilt Chamberlain-led Kansas) (coached basketball at St. Francis (1965-73) and assistant baseball coach at U Toledo)

Alexander “Boo” Ellis (from Hamilton, Ohio, coached in Toledo at Libbey HS and Toledo Public School administrator) (Niagara) (Minneapolis Lakers, 1958-60) (2003 Masters Basketball Championship team and MVP, 65 and over)

Ben Williams (Woodward) (BGSU, 1959 NCAA tourney) (Ohio HS HOF Coach at Scott, State Champions 1990)

Bunk Adams (Macomber) (Ohio U, 1960, 1961 NCAA tournament, 64 points in 4 games) (Pan Am Games, Gold Medal 1963)

Donald “Buzz” Mewhort (DeVilbiss) (Duke, 1960 NCAA tournament, 1962 team captain)

George Patterson (Pittsburgh Central Catholic (PA) HS, resided in Toledo after playing career, long-time teacher and coach at Woodward HS) (U Toledo) (Kansas City Steers, Pittsburgh Pipers (ABL) 1961-62, Detroit Pistons, 1967-68, Washington Generals, traveling opponent of the Harlem Globetrotters)

Howard “Butch” Komives (Woodward) (BGSU, NCAA scoring champ, All-American 1964) (New York Knicks, Detroit Pistons, Buffalo Braves, Kansas City Kings 1964-74)

Ray Lothery (Macomber) (Tri-State) (Harlem Globetrotters, 1966)

Walt Piatkowski (Woodward) (BGSU) (Denver Rockets, Floridians, ABA 1968-72) (Father of Eric Piatkowski, current NBA)

Steve Mix (Rogers) (Toledo) (Detroit Pistons, Philadelphia 76ers, Milwaukee Bucks, Los Angeles Lakers, 1969-83, NBA all-star 1975, NBA Finals 1977, 1980, 1982, 1983)

Dave McClellan (DeVilbiss) (Michigan, led Big Ten field goal percentage 1967)

Roscoe “Duke” Cumberland Jr. (Scott) (Harlem Globetrotters)

Al Dixon (Scott) (BGSU, 1968 NCAA tourney) (Harlem Globetrotters)

Joe Cooke (Libbey) (Indiana) (Cleveland Cavaliers, 1970-71)

Abe Steward (Libbey) (Jacksonville, NCAA tourney 1973)

Eddie Trail (Libbey) (Utah, leading scorer 1972, 25th alltime ppg, team captain 1972, 1973)

Wardell Jackson (Macomber) (Ohio State) (Seattle Supersonics 1974-75)

Bill Higgins (Ashland College) (Virginia Squires, ABA, 1974-75)

Bill Brown (Ohio, NCAA tourney 1972, 1974) (Head Coach Sacramento State, 1985-87, Kenyon 1987-95, California U. (PA), 1996-present)

Craig Lynch (Start) (Furman) (scored 40 points in 4 NCAA tournament games 1973-75, played professionally in England, coach of the Newcastle Eagles 1997-2000)

Chris Geiger Gobrecht (born Toledo, Huntington Beach (CA) HS) (USC) (Head coach Cal. State-Fullerton 1979-1985, Washington 1985-96, Florida State 1996-97,  USC 1997-present, 9 NCAA tourneys, final 8 1990)

Truman Claytor (Scott) (Kentucky, starter on 1978 NCAA champs)

Bill Laimbeer (Palos Verdes HS, CA, parents moved to Ottawa Hills while in college) (Notre Dame, 1978 NCAA tourney, Final 4 1979, Owens Tech) (Cleveland Cavaliers, Detroit Pistons, 1980-94, SI Cover 6/27/88, 11/5/90, NBA champions 1989, 1990, NBA finals 1988, NBA all-star 1983, 1984, 1985, 1987)

Frani Washington (Woodward) (Ohio State, All-American 1979, single season record for FG made and scoring average)

Terry Crosby (DeVilbiss) (Tennessee, NCAA tourney 1976, 1977, 1979) (Kansas City Kings, 1979-80)

Kelvin Ransey (Macomber) (Ohio State, All-American 1980, OSU Hall of Fame, NCAA tourney 1980 27 ppg) (Portland Trailblazers, Dallas Mavericks, New Jersey Nets, 1980-86)

Donald Collins (Scott) (Washington State, all-time WSU single-season scoring avg., Pac-10 scoring leader, 1979-80, All-American 1980) (Atlanta Hawks, Washington Bullets et al. 1980-87)
Eric Newsome (Rogers) (Miami O) (1984, 1985, 1986 NCAA tourney)

Dennis Hopson (Bowsher) (Ohio State, NCAA tourney 1985 (19.5 ppg), 1987 (26 ppg), All-American, 2d NCAA scoring 1987, OSU all-time scoring leader, OSU Hall of Fame) (New Jersey Nets, Chicago Bulls, Sacramento Kings, 1987-92, NBA champs 1991)

Todd Mitchell (St. Francis) (Purdue, All-American 1988, NCAA tourney 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 9th all-time Purdue scoring) (Miami Heat, San Antonio Spurs 1988-89)

Jimmy Jackson (Macomber) (Ohio State, All-American 1991, 1992, NCAA tourney 1990, 1991, 1992, National Player of the Year 1992, OSU Hall of Fame, Pan Am Games, Bronze Medal 1991, leading scorer but broke foot before semi-final) (Dallas Mavericks, Sacramento Kings et al. 1992-2006)

Melvin Newbern (Scott) (Minnesota) (Detroit Pistons, 1992-93)

Craig Michaelis (Whitmer) (Miami) (1992 NCAA tourney, 1993 Academic All-American)

John Amaechi (St. John’s, 1 year -- transfer from England) (Vanderbilt, Penn State 2-time Academic All-American) (Cleveland Cavaliers, Orlando Magic, Utah Jazz, Houston Rockets, New York Knicks, 1995-2004)

Larry Sykes (St. Francis) (Xavier) (Boston Celtics, 1995-96)

Jay Larranaga (St. John’s) (BGSU) (Captain, Irish National Team 2001-present, played professionally in Italy 1997-2009)

Neshaun Coleman (St. John’s) (Ohio State, 3rd all-time 3-point FGs, NCAA Final 4 1999)

Jermaine Tate (Central Catholic) (Ohio State, leading rebounder and MVP 1996, Cincinnati, NCAA tourney 1999, 2000) (playing professionally in Mexico, Harlem Globetrotters)

Jon Larranaga (St. John’s) (George Mason) (2001 NCAA tourney) (Irish National Team, playing professionally in Europe)

Ericka Haney (Central Catholic) (Notre Dame, NCAA tourney 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, starter 2001 national champions)

Courtney Mix (Perrysburg, Toledo Central Catholic HS) (Villanova, NCAA tourney 2001, 2002, 2003) (daughter of Steve Mix)

Northwestern Ohio

Warren “Bullett” Bell (Findlay) (Zollner Pistons NBL)

Dick Schnittker (Kelley’s Island, Sandusky HS) (Ohio State, NCAA tourney 1950, All-American 1950, OSU Hall of Fame) (Washington Capitols, Minneapolis Lakers, 1950-58, NBA champs 1953, 1954) (also played football at Ohio State)

Bob Burkholder (Bluffton) (Ohio State, NCAA tourney 1950)

Doug McDonald (Fostoria) (Ohio State, NCAA tourney 1961, 1962, starter 1962 NCAA runner-up, 11 pts v Wake Forest in semifinal)

Bob Wortman (Findlay) (Referee – field judge Super Bowl VI, XI and XII and NCAA basketball championship, 1975, 1976)

Dick Clark (North Baltimore) (Eastern Kentucky, 1965 NCAA tourney) (ABA – Minneapolis, Houston, Miami 1967-69)

Willie Babione (Fremont St. Joseph Central Catholic) (Toledo, NCAA tourney 1967)

Dave Sorenson (Findlay) (Ohio State, Final Four 1968, OSU Hall of Fame) (Cleveland Cavaliers, Philadelphia 76ers, 1970-73)

Jim Andrews (Lima Bath) (Kentucky, 1970-73, All SEC 1972, 1973, All NCAA Mideast Regional Team, 1972, 1973)

Steve Penhorwood (Lima Bath) (Kentucky 1970-71, NCAA tourney 1971, Xavier 1972-74)

Chuck Rogers (Findlay) (Michigan, 1974 NCAA tourney)

Scott May (Sandusky) (Indiana, 1976 Player of Year, 1976 National Champions) (Chicago Bulls, Milwaukee Bucks, Detroit Pistons, 1976-83) (Olympic gold medal 1976, Sports Illustrated cover 4/5/76, 7/19/76)

Jeff Tyson (Fostoria) (Western Michigan, 1976 MAC Player of the Year, 43 pts in 2 NCAA tourney games)

Dan Hipsher (Fostoria) (BGSU) (Head Coach, Stetson 1993-95; Akron U, 1995-2004; assistant coach, Arkansas 2004-2007, South Florida 2007-2009, Alabama 2009-present)

Tim Selgo (Pettisville) (Toledo, NCAA tourney 1979-80) (Athletic Director, Grand Valley State)

Alan Kortokrax (Delphos St. John’s) (Ohio State, South Alabama, NCAA tourney 1983)

Greg Simpson (Lima) (Ohio State, Big Ten Freshman of the year 1993, West Virginia) (Playing professionally in Israel)

Doug Etzler (Convoy, Crestview HS) (Ohio State, leading scorer and assists 1995, OSU all-time 3-point fg percentage leader)

A.J. Granger (Liberty-Benton) (Michigan State, NCAA tourney 1998, 1999, 2000, starter 2000 NCAA champs, all-tournament team) (playing professionally in Europe)

Clay Tucker (Lima Perry) (Wisconsin-Milwaukee, UWM all-time scoring leader, 2003 Horizon League MVP, 2003 NCAA tourney) (Playing professionally in Sweden)

Caity Matter (Bluffton) (Ohio State, NCAA top 3-point shooter, 2d team all-Big Ten, 2003)

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Ed Lynch (Notre Dame, undefeated teams, 1907, 1909)

Hi Brigham (born Toledo, Bowling Green HS) (Ohio State) (Columbus Panhandles 1920)

Leo Petree (Kirksville (MO) HS, died Toledo) (NE Missouri State) (Cleveland Tigers, Toledo Maroons, 1920, 1922)

Edward Usher (Scott) (Michigan, National champs 1918) (Buffalo All-Americans, Rock Island Independents, Green Bay Packers, Kansas City Blues, 1921-25)

Tubby Rousch (Waite) (U Toledo) (Toledo Maroons 1922)

Jimmy Simpson (Waite) (U Detroit) (Toledo Maroons, Kenosha Maroons 1922, 1924)

Lindell “Sonny” Winters (Scott) (Ohio Wesleyan) (Columbus Tigers 1923-24)

Frank Culver (Scott) (Syracuse) (Buffalo All-Americans, Rochester Jeffersons, Canton Bulldogs, 1923-25)

Henry “Ernie” Vick (Scott) (Michigan, All-American 1921, UM Hall of Honor) (College Football Hall of Fame) (Detroit Panthers, Chicago Bears, Detroit Wolverines 1925, 1927-28) (also MLB)

Walt Cassidy (Waite) (U Detroit) (Kenosha Maroons, 1924)

Boni Petcoff (Waite) (Ohio State, All-Big Ten, team captain 1923) (Columbus Tigers, 1924-26, All-NFL 1924) (Head Coach, U of Toledo 1926-29)

Al Hadden (Scott) (Ohio State, Washington & Jefferson) (Detroit Panthers, Providence Steamrollers, Chicago Bears, 1925-30)

Chase Clements (born Mt. Vernon, died Toledo, Mt. Vernon (OH) HS) (Washington & Jefferson) (Akron Pros, Cleveland Bulldogs, 1925)

Eddie Scharer (Scott) (Notre Dame, National champs 1924) (Detroit Panthers, Pottsville Maroons, Detroit Wolverines, 1926-28, led NFL touchdown passes 1926, 2nd team all-pro 1927)

Red Smith (born WI, Combined Locks HS (WI), died Toledo) (Notre Dame) (Green Bay Packers, New York Giants, New York Yankees, Newark Tornadoes, 1927-31) (see also baseball)
Merle Gulick (Maumee) (Toledo, Hobart, 1924-29) (College Football Hall of Fame)

Frank Pauly (Waite) (Washington & Jefferson) (Chicago Bears 1930)

Francis “Whitey” Wistert (Chicago Schurz (HS), executive with Auto-Lite in Toledo after he played) (Michigan, All-American 1932-33, UM Hall of Honor, National champs 1932, 1933) (College Football Hall of Fame) (see also baseball)

Bob Snyder (Libbey) (Ohio University) (Cleveland Rams, Chicago Bears, 1937-43, NFL champs 1940, 1941, 1943) (Head Coach, Los Angeles Rams 1947, U of Toledo 1950, Calgary Stampeders 1953)

Andy Farkas (Clay Center, Central Catholic) (U Detroit) (Washington Redskins, Detroit Lions, 1938-45, NFL champs 1942, three touchdowns in NFL championship games, led NFL in touchdowns, scoring 1939, punt returns 1943, All-NFL 1939, 1942, 2 pro bowls, NFL record longest pass reception – 99 yards)

Pat McCarty (Notre Dame, 1938 College All-Star game)

Marty Slovak (born Newport, MI, died Toledo) (U Toledo) (Cleveland Rams, 1939-41)

Duncan Obee (Central Catholic, born Battle Creek MI) (Dayton) (Detroit Lions 1941)

Arthur “Dutch” Elston (Waite, born Texhoma TX) (South Carolina) (Cleveland Rams 1942, San Francisco 49ers (AAFC) 1946-48)

Lou Marotti (Whitmer, born Chisolm MN) (U Toledo) (Chicago Cardinals, Chicago-Pittsburgh Carpets, 1943-45)

Jack Martin (Waite) (Navy, Princeton) (Los Angeles Rams 1947-49, NFL championship game 1949)

Roy Kurrasch (born Toledo, Hollywood (CA) HS) (UCLA, Hula Bowl 1947) (New York Yankees (AAFC) 1947, Pittsburgh Steelers 1948)

Bob Chappuis (DeVilbiss) (Michigan, All-American 1946, 1947, 2nd Heisman voting 1947, National champs 1947, 1948 Rose Bowl Player of the Game, Rose Bowl Hall of Fame, UM Hall of Honor) (Brooklyn, Chicago AAFC) (College Football Hall of Fame, cover Time magazine 11/3/47)

Ed McNeill (Libbey) (Michigan, National champs 1947, 1948)

Irv Wisniewski (Michigan, National champs 1947, 1948) (also basketball)

Charles Lentz (Michigan, National champs 1948, 2nd all-time Michigan single season interceptions 1949, led Big Ten interceptions 1949)

Bill Gregus (Waite) (Wake Forest, All-Southern Conference 1948, 1949, led NCAA kick returns 1948) (Hamilton Tiger-Cats (CFL))

Gerry Krall (Libbey) (Ohio State, All-Big Ten 1949, scored touchdown in 1950 Rose Bowl) (Detroit Lions, 1950)

Raymond DePierro (Libbey) (Ohio State) (Green Bay Packers, 1950-51)

Emerson Cole (Swanton HS, born Carrier Mills, IL) (Cleveland Browns, Chicago Cardinals, Chicago Bears, 1950-52, NFL champs 1950)

Bob Momsen (Libbey) (Ohio State, All-American 1950) (Detroit Lions, San Francisco 49ers, 1952)

Tony Momsen (Libbey) (Michigan, winning touchdown in 1950 “Snow Bowl,” Rose Bowl Champions) (Pittsburgh Steelers, Washington Redskins, 1951-52, Calgary Stampeders (CFL) 1953, CFL All-Star 1953)

Dick Kazmaier (Maumee) (Princeton, All-American 1951, Heisman Trophy 1951, College Football Hall of Fame, Princeton Player of the Century) (cover Time Magazine 11/18/51)

Merritt Green II (Michigan, team captain 1952)

Kenneth “Jack” Mollenkopf (Covoy, Indiana) (BGSU) (Coach Rossford and Waite (1935-46)) (Head Coach Purdue, 1956-69, 1967 Rose Bowl champs, 1967 Big Ten champs, Purdue all-time wins leader) (College Football Hall of Fame)

Bobby Recker (Central Catholic) (Dayton, MVP 1952, scored touchdown 1951 Salad Bowl, U Dayton Hall of Fame)

Jim Root (Libbey) (Miami, O., Miami HOF) (QB Chicago Cardinals, 1953, 1956) (Ottawa Roughriders (CFL)) (Head Coach, New Hampshire 1968-71, William & Mary 1972-79, National College Coach of the Year 1968)

Robert Timm (Michigan, All-Big Ten 1952)

Tom McHugh (Notre Dame, National champs 1953)

Dick Keller (Notre Dame, National champs 1953)

Dave Whiteaker (Whitmer) (Purdue) (1953 North-South All-Star game, 1954 College All-Star game)

Dick Szymanski (Libbey) (Notre Dame, National champs 1953) (Baltimore Colts, 1955-68, 3 Pro Bowls, NFL champions 1958, 1959, Super Bowl III)

Jim Parker (Scott, born Macon GA) (Ohio State, National champs 1954, All-American 1955, 1956, Outland Trophy 1956, OSU Hall of Fame, OSU All-Century team) (Baltimore Colts, 1957-67, 8 Pro Bowls, NFL champs 1958, 1959 , 8-time All-Pro) (College and Pro Hall of Fame)

Dick Strahm (U Toledo) (Head Coach, Findlay College 1975-98, 4-time NAIA national champions

Joe Amstutz (Central Catholic) (Indiana, Senior Bowl, College-All Star game) (Cleveland Browns 1957, NFL championship game 1957)

Jim Orwig (Michigan, team captain 1957, academic All-American 1955, 1957, Big Ten Medal of Honor 1958)

Karl Koepfer (Swanton) (BGSU) (Detroit Lions 1958)

Gene Cook (born Greenfield TN, Cleveland West Tech (OH) HS, Toledo City Council member, 1967-97) (U Toledo) (Detroit Lions, 1959)

Ernie Wright (Scott) (Ohio State) (San Diego Chargers, Cincinnati Bengals, 1960-72, 3 AFL all-star games, AFL champs 1963)

Dave Alt (Montana State, starting QB on NAIA national championship team, 1956) (later coached at Waite HS)

Clay White (Nebraska, leading receiver 1959-60)

Al Jamison (Libbey) (Colgate) (Houston Oilers, 1960-62, AFL Champs 1960, 1961,  All-AFL 1960, 1961, AFL All-Star game 1961, 1962)

Roland McDole (DeVilbiss, born Chester OH) (Nebraska) (St. Louis Cardinals, Houston Oilers, Buffalo Bills, Washington Redskins, 1961-78, 2 Pro Bowls, Super Bowl VII, AFL champs 1964, 1965)

Jerry Glanville (Perrysburg) (Northern Michigan) (Head Coach, Houston Oilers, Atlanta Falcons, 1986-93)

Dave Glinka (Central Catholic) (Michigan, leading passer 1960, 1961)

Tyrone Robertson (Nebraska, All-Big 8, 1962)

Bill Thornton (Libbey) (Nebraska, 1st African-American to be captain of Nebraska football team) (St. Louis Cardinals, 1963-67)

Joe Tiller (Rogers) (Montana State, East-West Shrine Game) (Calgary Stampeders 1964) (Head Coach, Wyoming 1991-96 2nd wins all-time, Purdue, 1997-2008, Coach of the Year 1997, Big Ten co-champs 2000, Rose Bowl 2001)

Odell Barry (Scott, born Memphis TN) (Findlay College) (Denver Broncos 1964-65)

Jim Thibert (Central Catholic) (U Toledo) (Denver Broncos 1965)

Sam Price (Scott, born Margaret AL) (Illinois, leading receiver 1963) (Miami Dolphins 1966-68)

Pat Gucciardo (Wickliffe (OH) HS, long-time Toledo area high school coach) (Kent State, honorable mention All-American 1965) (New York Jets, 1966)

Ed Scrutchins (born Americus, GA, Aliquippa (PA) HS, lived in Toledo after playing career, long-time Toledo educator and coach, currently Commissioner of City League) (U Toledo) (Houston Oilers, 1966)

Paul Schudel (Swanton) (Miami, O. honorable mention All-American 1963-65) (Head Coach, Ball State 1985-94 2nd all-time wins, MAC champions 1989, 1993, Head Coach Central Connecticut 2001-2003)

Heath Wingate (Whitmer) (BGSU) (Redskins 1967)

Jim Detwiler (DeVilbiss, born Bluffton) (Michigan, leading scorer 1966) (1st round draft pick, Baltimore Colts 1967)

Phil Hoag (Central Catholic) (Michigan State, All–Big Ten 1966, National champs 1965, 1966)

Rick Volk (Wauseon) (Michigan, All-American 1966, UM Hall of Honor) (Baltimore Colts, New York Giants, Miami Dolphins, 1967-78, 3 Pro Bowls, 2-time All-Pro, Super Bowl III, Super Bowl V Champs) (Cover Sports Illustrated, 12/16/68)

Dan Harshman (Notre Dame, National Champs 1966)

John Williams (Libbey, born Jackson MS) (Minnesota, All-Big Ten 1967, College All-Star game 1968) (Baltimore Colts, Los Angeles Rams 1968-79, Super Bowl III, Super Bowl V champs) (currently a dentist in Minneapolis)

Paul Elzey (St. Francis) (U Toledo) (Cincinnati Bengals 1968)

Bob Briggs (born Toledo, Rochester Brighton (NY) HS) (Heidelberg) (San Diego Chargers, Cleveland Browns, Kansas City Chiefs 1968-74)

Rufus Mayes (Macomber, born Clarksdale AR) (Ohio State, All-American 1968, National champs 1968, OSU Hall of Fame) (Chicago Bears, Cincinnati Bengals, Philadelphia Eagles, 1969-79)

Curtis Johnson (Waite) (Toledo) (Miami Dolphins, 1970-78, Super Bowl VI, Super Bowl VII, VIII champs)

Joe Green (Scott) (BGSU) (New York Giants 1970-71)

Tom Beutler (Central Catholic) (U Toledo) (Cleveland Browns, Baltimore Colts 1970-71)

Mel Long (Macomber) (U Toledo, All-American 1971) (Cleveland Browns, 1972-74) (College Football Hall of Fame)

John Saunders (Macomber) (U Toledo) (Buffalo Bills, San Francisco 49ers, 1972-75)

Marty Huff (St. Francis) (Michigan, All-American 1970) (San Francisco 49ers, 1972)

Andy Huff (St. Francis) (Notre Dame, leading scorer 1972)

John Wiza (St. Francis) (Illinois, team captain 1972)

Willie Harper (Scott) (Nebraska, All-American 1971, 1972, National Champs, 1970, 1971, defensive MVP 1971 Orange Bowl) (San Francisco 49ers, 1973-1983, Super Bowl XVI Champs, USFL New Jersey Generals, Houston Gamblers 1984-85))

Jim Kregel (Woodward) (Ohio State, All-Big Ten 1973) (Birmingham Americans, Birmingham Vulcans (WFL) 1974-75)

Marvin Crenshaw (Woodward) (Nebraska, All-American 1974)

Brad Cousino (Central Catholic) (Miami, O, All-American, 1974, Player of Game, Tangerine Bowl, 1973, 1974, Miami All-Century team) (Cincinnati Bengals, New York Giants, Pittsburgh Steelers, 1975-77, Toronto Argonauts, (CFL))

Don Coleman (St. John’s) (Michigan) (New Orleans Saints, 1974-75)

Bob Hunt (born Toledo, Tiffin Columbian) (Heidelberg) (Cleveland Browns 1974)

Rick Upchurch (Holland, Springfield HS) (Minnesota) (Denver Broncos 1975-83, 4 Pro Bowls, Super Bowl XII)

John Jacquot (Whitmer) (BGSU) (Memphis Southmen (WFL) 1974)

Linda Jefferson (Toledo Troopers) (1st woman in American Football Assn. HOF) (Woman Sports magazine Athlete of the Year 1975)

Kit Cartwright (Rogers) (Bowling Green) (Head Coach, Butler 2002-2005)

Tom Amstutz (Whitmer) (Toledo) (Head Coach, Toledo 2001-2008)

Jim Harrell (Curtice, Clay HS) (Ohio State, TD 1978 Sugar Bowl)

Jim Pickens (Sylvania) (Michigan, All-Big Ten 1977)

Jon Giesler (born Toledo, Woodmore HS) (Michigan) (Miami Dolphins, 1979-88, Super Bowl XVII, XIX)

Jerry Blanton (DeVilbiss) (Kentucky) (Kansas City Chiefs, 1979-85)

Farley Bell (DeVilbiss) (OSU, U of Cincinnati, All-Metro Conference 1979)

Mike Kennedy (St. Francis) (U Toledo) (Buffalo Bills, Houston Oilers 1983-84)

Mike Krerowicz (St. John’s) (Ohio State, All-Big Ten 1984) (Cleveland Browns, 1985 (DNP))

Jim Harbaugh (born Toledo) (Palo Alto HS, CA) (Michigan, led NCAA in passing 1985, All-American, 3rd Heisman voting 1986, Starting QB 1987 Rose Bowl) (Chicago Bears, Indianapolis Colts, San Diego Chargers, Baltimore Ravens, Carolina Panthers, 1987-2001, 1 Pro Bowl, led NFL passing 1995) (Assistant Coach, Oakland Raiders, 2002-2003) (Cover SI, 9/14/92) (Head Coach, University of San Diego 2004-2006, Stanford University 2007-2010, San Francisco 49ers 2011-present)

Tim Inglis (St. John’s) (U Toledo) (Cincinnati Bengals 1987-88)

Ted Gradel (Sylvania) (Notre Dame, leading scorer 1987, Academic All-American 1987, field goal 1988 Cotton Bowl)

Rob Chudzinski (Miami FL, National champs 1987, Honorable Mention All-American 1988) (Miami offensive coordinator)

Chuck Webb (Macomber) (Tennessee, single game rushing record) (Green Bay Packers, 1991)

Roosevelt Nix  (Scott) (Central State) (Cincinnati Bengals, Minnesota Vikings 1992-94)

Bob Spitulski (born Toledo, Orlando Bishop Moore (FL) HS) (Central Florida) (Seattle Seahawks 1992-94)

Mark Szlachcic (Whitmer) (BGSU, Blue-Gray game 1992, honorable mention all-American, (MVP of 1991 Raisin Bowl, scoring two touchdowns)

Jason Carthen (Scott) (Ohio U) (New England Patriots 1993-94)

Jeremy Lincoln (Devilbiss) (Tennessee, All-SEC 1991, blocked potential game-winning FG vs. Notre Dame to preserve Tennessee’s largest comeback ever) (Chicago Bears, St. Louis Rams, Seattle Seahawks, New York Giants, Detroit Lions, 1993-2000)

Myron Bell (Macomber-Whitney) (Michigan State) (Pittsburgh Steelers, Cincinnati Bengals, 1994-2001, Super Bowl XXX)

Tom Nutten (born Toledo, Champlain Regional (Quebec) HS) (Western Michigan) (Buffalo Bills, St. Louis Rams, 1995, 1998-2002, Super Bowl XXXIV Champs, Super Bowl XXXVI, Hamilton Tiger-Cats (CFL) 1997, NFL Europe 1998)

Bryan Robinson (Woodward) (Fresno State) (St. Louis Rams, 1997; Chicago Bears, 1998-2003; Miami Dolphins, 2004; Cincinnati Bengals, 2005-2007; Arizona Cardinals, 2008-2010)

JoJuan Armour (Central Catholic) (Miami O, 3rd team All-American 1998) (Cincinnati Bengals 1999-2002)

Jason Strasser (St. Francis) (BGSU, East-West Shrine game 1999)

Jeff Del Verne (Sylvania, St. John’s) (Michigan, 4 field goals in win over Notre Dame 1999)

Shaun Mason (St. John’s) (Michigan State, 2nd team All-Big Ten 2000)

Mel Long Jr. (U of Toledo) (British Columbia Lions (CFL) 2001)

Sam Brandon (born Toledo) (Riverside HS, CA) (UNLV) (Denver Broncos, 2002-2006)

Todd France (Maumee, Springfield HS) (U Toledo, All-time MAC leader in scoring as kicker, Academic All-American 2001) (NFL Europe)

Khary Campbell (Sylvania Southview, born Brooklyn) (BGSU) (New York Jets, 2002-03)

Joe Iorio (St. Francis) (Penn State, Academic All-American 2002) (Indianapolis Colts 2003)

Ryne Robinson (Central Catholic) (Miami O) (MAC record single-game punt return yards, 2nd NCAA punt returns, 2003)

Brandon Fields (St Johns) (Michigan State, All-Big Ten 2003, 2nd NCAA punting 2003)

Northwestern Ohio

Horace Prettyman (Bryan) (Michigan, scored first home-field touchdown for UM, team captain 1884, 1885, 1886, 8-time letterwinner)

William Baker (Woodville) (Michigan, undefeated 1898)

Harry “Red” Miller (Defiance) (Notre Dame, undefeated 1907, 1909, 3rd team All-American 1909, one of five brothers to play for Notre Dame – Harry, Ray, Walter, Don and Gerry)

Walter Miller (Defiance) (Notre Dame, National champs 1919, one of five brothers to play for Notre Dame – Harry, Ray, Walter, Don and Gerry)

Jim Flower (born Akron, Akron Central HS, died Fremont) (Ohio State) (Columbus Panhandles, Akron Pros, 1920-25, All-NFL 2d team 1922, starter in possibly 1st NFL game ever played) (Coach, Akron Pros, 1924)

Fred “Fritz” Slackford (Sandusky) (Notre Dame) (Dayton Triangles, Canton Bulldogs, 1920-21) (also played basketball at Notre Dame)

Fred Day (Pandora) (Ohio Wesleyan) (Cincinnati Celts 1921)

Gaylord “Pete” Stinchcomb (Fostoria) (Ohio State, All-American 1919, 1920, OSU Hall of Fame) (College Football Hall of Fame) (Chicago Staleys, Chicago Bears, Columbus Tigers, Cleveland Indians, Louisville Colonels, 1921-26, NFL champs 1921, All-NFL 1921, 1922)

Don Batchelor (Hicksville) (Ohio Northern) (Canton Bulldogs, Toledo Maroons 1922-23)

Hal Wendler (Gibsonburg, Fremont HS) (Ohio State) (Hammond Pros, Akron Indians 1926)

Don “Midnight” Miller (Defiance) (Notre Dame, All-American 1923, one of the “Four Horsemen of Notre Dame, National champs 1924, one of five brothers to play at Notre Dame – Harry, Ray, Walter, Don and Gerry) (College Football Hall of Fame) (Providence Steam Rollers 1925) (United States Attorney for the Northern District of Ohio) (also played basketball at Notre Dame)

Al Michaels (Tiffin) (Heidelberg, Ohio State) (Akron Pros, Cleveland Bulldogs 1923-25, All-NFL 1923)

George Rohleder (Bryan) (Wittenberg) (Columbus Tigers, Akron Indians 1925-26)

Charles “Flop” Gorrill (Fostoria) (Ohio State) (Columbus Tigers, 1926)

Ed Siebert (born Fremont, Dayton Steele HS) (Otterbein) (Dayton Triangles, 1927-28)

Mack Hummon (Leipsic) (Wittenberg) (Dayton Triangles 1926, 1928)

Ivan “Ivy” Williamson (born Prairie Depot, now Wayne, Bowling Green Central HS) (Michigan, All-Big Ten 1931, 1932, team captain 1932, National champs 1932) (Head Coach Lafayette 1947-48, Wisconsin 1949-1955, Big Ten champs 1952, Rose Bowl 1953, Wisconsin athletic director 1955-69, Wisconsin HOF)

Norm Greeney (born Cleveland, died Kelley’s Island, Cleveland John Marshall HS) (Notre Dame) (Green Bay Packers, Pittsburgh Steelers, 1933-35)

Vic Vidoni (Fostoria) (Duquesne) (Pittsburgh Pirates 1935-36)

Jim Karcher (Forest) (Ohio State) (Washington Redskins 1936-39, NFL champs 1937)

John Bettridge (Sandusky) (Ohio State) (Chicago Bears, Cleveland Rams 1937)

Gene Fekete (Findlay) (Ohio State, Big Ten rushing leader, All-American 1942, 8th Heisman voting, National champs 1942, OSU Hall of Fame) (Cleveland Browns AAFC)

Bob Shaw (Richwood, Fremont Ross) (Ohio State, All-American 1942, National champs 1942, OSU Hall of Fame) (Cleveland Rams, Los Angeles Rams, Chicago Cardinals, 1945-46, 1949-50, led NFL TD catches 1950, 1 Pro Bowl, Calgary Stampeders (CFL) 1951-53, leading scorer Western Division 1951, 1952, CFL All-star 1952) (Head Coach, Toronto Argonauts (CFL) 1965-66)

Art Van Tone (born Ottawa, Mishiwaka (IN) HS) (Southern Mississippi) (Detroit Lions 1943-45, Brooklyn Dodgers (AAFC) 1946) (Head Coach, Austin Peay 1960-62)

John Fekete (Findlay) (Ohio) (Buffalo Bisons (AAFC) 1946)

Pat Lahey (Dunbridge, Bowling Green HS) (John Carroll) (Chicago Rockets (AAFC), 1946-47)

Johnny Rapacz (born Rosedale, Kalamazoo Central (MI) HS) (Western Michigan, Oklahoma, All-American 1946, 1947) (Chicago Rockets, Chicago Hornets (AAFC) 1948-49, New York Giants 1950-54)

Gene Derricotte (Defiance) (Michigan, National champs 1947, 1948, touchdown 1948 Rose Bowl, led NCAA punt returns (yards per return) 1947 (3d all-time), Big Ten record for punt returns for touchdown in a season, UM Hall of Honor)

Jack Lininger (Van Wert) (Ohio State, OSU Hall of Fame) (Detroit Lions 1950-51)

Bill Lange (born Delphos, Lima St. Rose HS) (Dayton) (Los Angeles Rams, Baltimore Colts, Chicago Cardinals 1951-55, NFL Champs 1951)

Jim Ladd (Put-in-Bay) (BGSU) (Chicago Cardinals, 1954)

Johnny Allen (Fremont Ross, born Monmouth IL) (Purdue) (Washington Redskins 1955-58)

Ken Russell (Fostoria) (BGSU) (Detroit Lions 1957-59, NFL champs 1957)

Bill Mallory (Sandusky) (Miami O, team captain 1957) (Head coach Miami 1969-73, undefeated and untied 1973, Colorado 1974-78, Big 8 champs 1976, Northern Illinois 1980-83, MAC champs 1983, Indiana 1984-96, Big Ten Coach of the Year 1986, 1987, 1st all-time wins Indiana, Miami HOF, Indiana HOF)

Joe Morrison (Lima South) (Cincinnati, Senior Bowl, North-South Game, College All-Star game 1959, UC All-Century team) (New York Giants 1959-72, 2nd all-time Giants touchdowns, NFL Championship game 1959, 1961, 1962, 1963) (Head Coach, Tennessee-Chattanooga 1973-79, New Mexico 1980-82, South Carolina 1983-89)

Ellison Kelly (Sandusky) (Michigan State) (New York Giants 1959, Hamilton Tiger-Cats, Toronto Argonauts (CFL) 1960-72, CFL Hall of Fame, Grey Cup champs 1963, 1965, 1967)
Bob Wortman (Findlay) (Referee – field judge Super Bowl VI, XI and XII and referee, NCAA basketball championship, 1975, 1976)

Bill Groman (Tiffin Columbian) (Heidelberg) (Houston Oilers, Denver Broncos, Buffalo Bills 1960-65, led AFL receiving yards 1960, touchdowns 1961, AFL champs 1960, 1961, 1964, All-AFL 1960, 1961)

Al Miller (born Fostoria, Canal Winchester and Groveport HS) (Ohio U) (Washington Redskins 1962-63)

Jim Tiller (Fremont) (Purdue, leading receiver (yards) 1960) (New York Titans 1962)

Gary Moeller (Lima Senior) (Ohio State, National champs 1961, team captain 1962) (Head Coach, Illinois 1977-79, Michigan 1990-94, Big Ten champs 1990, 1991, 1992, Rose Bowl champs 1993, Detroit Lions 2000)

Tom Nomina (Delphos St. John’s) (Miami O, Miami HOF) (Denver Broncos, Miami Dolphins 1963-68)

Dave Herman (Edon) (Michigan State) (New York Jets 1964-73, Super Bowl III Champs, 2 Pro Bowls)

Roger Lalonde (Van Wert) (Muskingum) (Detroit Lions, New York Giants 1964-65)

Ed Bettridge (Sandusky) (BGSU) (Cleveland Browns 1964)

Tom Barrington (Lima Senior) (Ohio State, OSU record kickoff return average, single-season) (Washington Redskins, New Orleans Saints, 1966-70)

Mike Current (Lima Senior) (Ohio State) (Miami Dolphins, Denver Broncos, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 1967-79)

Jim Lynch (Lima Central Catholic) (Notre Dame, All-American 1966, National champs 1966, Academic All-American 1966) (Kansas City Chiefs, 1967-1977, 1 Pro Bowl, Super Bowl IV Champs)

Mike Weger (Bowling Green HS, born Dallas TX) (BGSU) (Detroit Lions, Houston Oilers, 1967-77)

Tom Beier (born Fremont, Bay City St. Joseph (MI) HS) (U Detroit, Miami FL, All-American 1966) (Miami Dolphins 1967, 1969)

Harry Gonso (Findlay) (Indiana, All-Big Ten 1967, starting QB 1968 Rose Bowl)

Thom Darden (Sandusky) (Michigan, All-American 1971) (Cleveland Browns, 1972-81 1 Pro Bowl)

Bill Overmyer (Fremont St. Joe) (Ashland) (Philadelphia Eagles 1972)

Bo Rather (Sandusky) (Michigan) (Miami Dolphins, Chicago Bears, 1973-78)

Chuck Heater (Tiffin Columbian, born Weston, WV) (Michigan) (Assistant coach U Washington 1999-2003; Utah; Florida; Temple, 2004-present)

Fred Sturt (Swanton) (BGSU) (Washington Redskins, New England Patriots, New Orleans Saints, 1974-81)

Bob Hunt (Tiffin Columbian) (Heidelberg) (Cleveland Browns 1974)

Jimmie Kennedy (Sandusky Perkins, born Laurel MS) (Colorado State) (Baltimore Colts, 1975-77)

Ted Smith (Gibsonburg) (Ohio State, All-American 1975)

Jerry Zuver (Archbold) (Michigan, led team in interceptions 1976, 2nd All-Big Ten 1976)

Rob Lytle (Fremont Ross) (Michigan, All-American 1976, 3rd Heisman voting 1976) (Denver Broncos 1977-83, Super Bowl XII)

Bob Brudzinski (Fremont Ross) (Ohio State, OSU Hall of Fame) (Los Angeles Rams, Miami Dolphins 1977-1989, Super Bowl XIV, XVII, XIX)

Tom Moriarty (born Lima, Cleveland Benedictine HS) (BGSU) (Atlanta Falcons, Pittsburgh Steelers, 1977-81)

Stan Johnson (Sandusky) (Tennessee State) (Kansas City Chiefs 1978)

Dave Preston (Defiance, born Dayton OH) (BGSU) (Denver Broncos, 1978-83)

B.J. Dickey (Ottawa-Glandorf) (Michigan, starting quarterback 1979, threw touchdown pass in 1979 Gator Bowl, scored touchdown in 1981 Bluebonnet Bowl)

Brad Fisher (Fostoria) (Clemson, National champs 1981)

Luther Henson (Sandusky) (Ohio State, All-Big Ten 1979) (New England Patriots, 1982-84)

Jerry Burgei (Ottawa-Glandorf) (Michigan, leading tackler 1983 Rose Bowl)

James Black (born Lima, Dover HS) (Akron) (Cleveland Browns 1984)

Joe Johnson (Fostoria) (Notre Dame) (Jacksonville Bulls, USFL, 1985-87)

Tony Lee (Fostoria St. Wendelin) (Toledo) (Pittsburgh Maulers, USFL, 1984)

John Kidd (Findlay) (Northwestern, All-American 1983) (Buffalo Bills, San Diego Chargers, Miami Dolphins, Detroit Lions, New York Jets 1984-98, led NFL punting 1996)

Bob Brotzki (Sandusky St. Mary’s Central Catholic) (Syracuse) (Indianapolis Colts, Dallas Cowboys 1986-88)

William White (Lima Senior) (Ohio State) (Detroit Lions, Kansas City Chiefs, Atlanta Falcons, 1988-98, Super Bowl XXXIII)

William Howard (Lima Senior) (Tennessee) (Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1988-89)

Shawn McCarthy (Fremont Ross) (Purdue, led Big Ten punting 1989) (New England Patriots 1991-92, 3rd longest punt in NFL history)

Corey Croom (Sandusky) (Ball State) (New England Patriots 1993-95)

Alan Kline (Tiffin Columbian) (Ohio State, All-Big Ten 1991)) (New Orleans Saints 1994-95)

Orlando Pace (Sandusky) (Ohio State, All-American 1995, 1996, OSU All-Century team) (St. Louis Rams, 1997-2008; Chicago Bears, 2009-2010; 5 Pro Bowls, Super Bowl XXXIV champs, Super Bowl XXXVI)

Charles Woodson (Fremont Ross) (Michigan, All-American 1996-97, Heisman Trophy winner 1997, National champs 1997) (Oakland Raiders 1998-2005; Green Bay Packers 2006-present, 3 Pro Bowls, Defensive Rookie of the Year 1998, Super Bowl XXXVII)

Rich Glover (Lima Senior) (Michigan State) (Saskatchewan Roughriders (CFL))

Richard Newsome (Fostoria) (Michigan State) (New Orleans Saints, 2001)

Damon Moore (Fostoria) (Ohio State) (Philadelphia Eagles, Chicago Bears, 1999-2002)

Ben Roethlisberger (Findlay) (Miami O, MVP 2001, 2002, 2003, MAC MVP 2003, 3rd team All-American 2003, 4 TD passes, MVP, 2003 GMAC Bowl)

Tim Anderson (Clyde) (Ohio State, National champs 2002, All-Big Ten 2003)

Steve Stewart (Sandusky) (Michigan State, 2d team All-Big Ten 2003)

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Auto Racing

Barney Oldfield (Wauseon, moved to Toledo at age 11) (First to drive a mile a minute)

Northwestern Ohio

Ray Harroun (born Spartansburg, PA, resided in Findlay for a period of time) (Indy 500 champion, 1911)

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Kevin Taber (8 PBA titles)


Ples Gilmore (1950 Golden Glove champion)

Jesse Brown (1950 Golden Glove champion)

Herb Mickels (1953 Golden Glove champion)

Vince Doniero (1956 Golden Glove champion)

Jim Pettaway (1956 US amateur champion)

Gil Yanez (1958-59 Golden Glove champion)

Dave Holman (1958 Golden Glove champion)

Fred Griffin (1959 US amateur champion)

Wilbert “Skeeter” McClure (1960 Olympic gold medalist and professional middleweight)

Roy McMillian (1961, 1964 Golden Glove champion)

Edward Ellis (1962 Golden Glove champion)

Leotis Martin (3-time Golden Glove champion, 2-time US amateur champion) (31-5 as professional, lost to Jimmy Ellis in heavyweight title tournament, defeated Sonny Liston, inflicted injuries in fight with Sonny Banks that led to Banks’ death)

Verbie Garland (1972 Golden Glove champion)

Louis Self (1972 US Olympic team, 1971-72 Golden Glove champion)

Abayomi Miller (1993 US amateur champion)

Kevin Butts (Professional)

Devin Vargas (Start) (Golden Boy 2000 National Golden Gloves, Bronze Medal 2003 Pan Am Games)

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Dave Grylls (1984 Olympics, Silver Medal 4000m team pursuit,  US champion 1978, 1979, 1982)

Field Hockey

Paula Wagoner (Ottawa Hills) (Providence, All-American 1996, 1997, Big East Offensive Player of the Year) (Assistant Coach, Boston College)

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Frank Stranahan (British Amateur champion, 6 PGA Tour titles, runner-up British Open, Masters)

Barbara McIntire (Rollins College) (US Women’s Amateur Champion 1959, 1964, Runner-up US Open 1956, Cover Sports Illustrated 8/22/1960)

Arthur Hills (Michigan State) (Golf course designer)

John Cook (born Toledo, reared California) (Ohio State) (11 PGA tour titles)

John Connelly (U Toledo, Academic All-American 1990) (former professional golfer, U Toledo golf coach 2002-2003)

Heather Zielinski (Notre Dame Academy) (Purdue, All-Big Ten 2003)

Northwestern Ohio

Peg Kirk Bell (Findlay) (LPGA Hall of Fame)

Cheryl Stacy (Findlay) (Ohio State, 1984-85 Big Ten champ, 5th 1984 NCAA, OSU Hall of Fame)

Doug Martin (Van Buren) (Oklahoma State, All-American) (PGA tour, 2d 1995 Buick Classic)

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Mark Gilliam (Start) (Kent St., 5th place NCAA, All-American, 1983)

Beth Wymer (Sylvania) (Michigan, NCAA champ uneven bars 1993, 1994, 1995, All-American 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995)

Horse Racing

Cresceus (world record setting trotter, 1894-1915)

Mary Steedman Bacon (one of first women jockeys, cover of Newsweek 6/3/74)

Chuck Sylvester (harness racing trainer, 4-time Hambletonian winner, United States Harness Racing Hall of Fame)

Ice Hockey

Cecil Dillon (NHL) (New York Rangers, Detroit Red Wings 1930-40, 3-time NHL All-star)

Bryan Smolinski (Genoa) (Michigan State) (Boston Bruins, New York Islanders, Los Angeles Kings, Ottawa Senators et al., 1992-2010)

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Ice Skating

Scott Hamilton (born Toledo, reared Bowling Green) (Olympic gold medalist 1984, 4-time world champion 1981-84) (SI cover 2/6/1984)

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Martial Arts

Steve Anderson (Scott) (Michigan) (1980 U.S. Open Karate Champion) (also played football at Michigan)

Mark Kerr (Mixed Martial Arts, subject of HBO documentary)


Scott Steketee (Maumee Valley) (Harvard) (1968 U. S. Olympic team 6th place, gold medal 1967 Pan Am Games)


Steve Bodner (St. Francis) (Detroit Mercy) (2003 US Sailing Team)

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Gretchen Bleiler (born Toledo, moved to Aspen, CO at age 10) (2d place, halfpipe, 2002 World Championships)


Peter Dzubay (Sylvania Northview) (Michigan, All-Big Ten 2003)

Northwestern Ohio

A.J. Siebeneck (Findlay) (Duke, Final Four 1992)


Chet Jastremski (Indiana) (1964 Olympic bronze medalist, 1968 Olympian, All-American, Big Ten champ 1962, 1963, Jan. 29, 1962 Sports Illustrated cover, held 4 world records) (Head Coach, Indiana University women’s team 1986-91)

John Bruce (DeVilbiss) (BGSU) (Head Coach, Ohio State, 1968-75, eight straight top 20 finishes in NCAA meet)

Sharon Wichman (lived in Toledo before moving to Fort Wayne in her youth) (1968 Olympic gold (200m breaststroke) and bronze (100m breaststroke) medalist)

Jim Baehren (Ohio State, Big Ten champ 100m freestyle, 1970, All-American 1969, 1970)

Pete Malone (St. Francis) (Coach, Kansas City Blazers, Pan Am and US national teams)

Jeff Pease (Stanford) (Coach North Coast Acquatic Club San Diego, US national team)

Greg Zann (Michigan) (All-American, late 1960s, early 1970s)

Ann Emmenecker (Ohio State, Big Ten champion 1973, 1974, 1975, All-America 1975, OSU Hall of Fame)

Holly Vargo-Brown (Ohio State, Synchronized Swimming All-American, National Championship team) (Assistant Coach, OSU Synchronized Swimming)

Tony Kurth (St. Francis) (Michigan, All-America 2002)

Northwestern Ohio

Jim Kennedy (Findlay) (Tennessee, NCAA champion 1-meter diving 1976)

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Team Handball

John Keller, Jr. (1996 Olympics)

Table Tennis

Sean O’Neil (1992 Olympics, 5-time national champion)


Erick Iskersky (St. John’s) (Trinity, 1979 NCAA doubles champion, 1979 NCAA singles runner-up) (Professional 1980-84, winner 1982 Metz Open)

Ryan Gabel (BGSU, Academic All-American 1998)

Northwestern Ohio

Bud Collins (born Lima, Berea (OH) HS) (Baldwin-Wallace) (1961 U.S. Indoor Mixed Doubles Champion)

Chuck Merzbacher (Findlay) (Minnesota 3-time All-Big Ten) (Men’s tennis coach Northern Illinois 1989-91, women’s tennis coach Kansas 1993-96, 4 Big 8 championships, Kansas HOF, women’s tennis coach Ohio State 1997-present)

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Track & Field

Melvin Walker (Libbey) (Ohio State) (1936 NCAA high jump champ, world record holder 1937)

Sylvester Stewart (Waite) (Miami) (runner-up NCAA 880-yard run1945, 3rd NCAA cross-country 1945)

Brenda Morehead (Scott) (Tennessee State) (1976, 1980 U.S. Olympic team, world record 4x100, gold medals 1975 and 1979 Pan-AM games)

Justin Daler (St. John’s) (Tennessee, 1993 All-American pole vault)

Pam Simpson (born Toledo, Long Beach Poly (CA) HS) (USC) (1997 Pac-10 long jump champ, 6th NCAA, 3rd place 2003 USA Indoor Championships)

Joe Allen (Rogers) (Florida State) (5th place long jump NCAA indoors, ACC champ long jump and triple jump, 2001, 9th place long jump NCAA outdoors, 2000)

Kristen Dodd (Rogers) (Notre Dame, 2002 NCAA 5th place 4x400 relay)

Northwestern Ohio

Clarence Childs (Fremont) (Kenyon, Yale) (bronze medal 1912 Olympics hammer throw, coach Indiana University 1915-16)

Gaylord “Pete” Stinchcomb (Fostoria) (Ohio State, NCAA long jump champion 1921) also football

Robert King (Lima) (Stanford) (gold medal 1928 Olympic high jump)

Seth Waits (Grand Rapids, Otsego HS) (Michigan, 3d place NCAA distance medley relay 2003)

Briana Shook (Tiffin Seneca East) (Toledo) (1st place, 2003 USA Outdoor Championships, 3000m steeplechase, Academic All-American)

Kurt Michaelis (Holgate) (Youngstown State, 2003 NCAA 9th place indoor mile)

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Northwestern Ohio

Erin Moore - Tiffin Columbian (Michigan, All-Big Ten 2002, 2003, 3rd team All-American 2003)

Water Skiing

Banana George Blair (Water Ski Hall of Fame)

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Dick Torio (U of Toledo) (Three-time All-American, National Wrestling Hall of Fame as official)

Joe Scalzo (originally from NJ, lived in Toledo) (Penn State, 2d NCAA 1939) (Coach U of Toledo, Coach US Olympic team 1956) (National Wrestling Hall of Fame as an official)

Harry Lanzi (originally from NJ, stayed in Toledo after college) (U of Toledo) (1952 NCAA champ, 1951 AAU Champ)

Merrell Solowin (Rogers) (U of Toledo) (2-time All-American, 4th place NCAA 1963, 3rd place NCAA 1964, heavyweight, 3d place AAU 1963)

Dave Reinbolt (Central Catholic) (Ohio State, 1966 NCAA champ 167 lbs., OSU Hall of Fame)

Greg Wojciechowski (Whitmer) (U of Toledo, NCAA champ heavyweight 1971, runner-up 1970, 1972) (AAU champ 1970, 1971, 1974, 1975, U.S. Olympic team 1980)

Phil McCartney (Central Catholic) (U of Toledo, 6th place NCAA 1967 152 lbs.)

Dave Keller (Central Catholic) (U of Toledo, 4h place NCAA 1968 115 lbs.)

Myron Shapiro (3rd NCAA 118 lbs. 1975)

Airron Richardson (Michigan, 5th place NCAA 1996 heavyweight, 1998, heavyweight)