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Toledo's Attic Group (2020-Present)

Jill Clever, Tonya Haines, Tamara Jones, Yarko Kuk, Tedd Long, Sara Mouch, Elaine Reeves, and Janet Rhodes. 

The Toledo's Attic owes a great deal to Tedd Long for his generous support and the many volunteers who have contributed to the project throughout the past 25 years and continue to do so presently.

With gracious support and assistance of:

  • Lauren White, Manuscripts Librarian, Ward M. Canaday Center for Special Collections, University of Toledo (2015-2019)
  • Tedd Long, for his initial work on the new Joomla site and for providing server space
  • Ward M. Canaday Center, University of Toledo: Barbara Floyd, Tamara Jones, Brandi Sharlow (assisted with finding the old essays and images);
  • Editing assistance: Tamara Jones, Patrick Cook, Timothy Fritz, Jerry Natal, and John Phillips, Maps and Reference Librarian.
  • Virtual Tours in HistoryPin, Essays: Patrick Cook
  • Toledo's Attic Steeting Committee (1995-2017). The Toledo's Attic project has been a group effort. Its driving force consisted of the former steering committee of people committed to preserving and presenting the history of the Toledo area. They were: Dale Fallat, Barbara Floyd, Jack Hiles, Chuck Jacobs, George M. Jones III, Ben Marsh, Irene Martin, Tim Messer-Kruse, Laura Owen, Roger Ray, Arjun Sabharwal, John Squire, J. Robert, Terry, Ernest W. Weaver Jr., Marty Weil, Ken and Bonnie Dickson, and Carl White.
  • Mark Walker, Digital Media Specialist - identified some of the fonts used on the original site and created the title headers for the essays
  • WGTE Public Media: Laura Owen, Vic Miller, and Marty Weil - for their support of Toledo's Attic from 2001 to 2012
  • Additional assistance from Wade Lee

Credits and Acknowledgments (previous sites)

Assistance in scanning and producing this website was provided by Steve Miceli and Jason Morano of the University of Toledo. Jim Marshall, Irene Martin and the rest of the staff of the Toledo Lucas County Public Library were very helpful and forgiving of our pitching a tent in their stacks for several months. Ernest Weaver provided much helpful information about Toledo's industrial history. Diana Messer-Kruse laboriously copy edited much of the scanned material that eventually found its way into the database. Mary Mackzum, librarian of the Toledo Blade, was exceedingly generous in allowing us access to the library and tremendously helpful in finding those naggingly obscure files. Much of the information that went into the chronological database came from a unique and excellent index compiled by Wilbur Hague of Toledo. We appreciate his making this wonderful source available to us. Planning, coordination, design, and mark-up were completed by Timothy Messer-Kruse.

Content Manager (2009-Present):

Arjun Sabharwal, Professor / Digital Initiatives Librarian, University of Toledo Libraries, Ward M. Canaday Center

  • New site design and content
  • Content migration and re-organization
  • Reformatting of existing text and photographic content into PDFs, SWFs, and slideshows (with considerable help on finding complete essays from Barbara Floyd)
  • Setup of Toledo's Attic social network sites and digital curation program
  • Troubleshooting FAQs
  • New Toledo's Attic Banner design (with help on locating the original fonts from Mark Walker)