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Map Gallery and Block Index

The 1902 Sanborn maps identify most establishments in each block (following the original tour, largely from south northward and west eastward).  Many establishments on Sanborn maps appear under generic descriptions such as "Bakery," "Bank," "Barber," and the like.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. on the identities of these establishments, and all verifiable information (available in the 1902 edition of the Polk City Directory) will be added to this tour. 


South of Lafayette

Vance-Lucas-Lafayette-Erie. Establishments: B. A. Stevens Furniture and Refrigerator Co. -- Imperial Grain and Milling Co. -- Toledo Chewing Gum Co. -- Toledo Grain Milling Co. [Google Street View

Short*-Erie-Lafayette-Huron. Establishments: Fremont Hotel -- Haughton Elevator and Machine Co. -- Saloon -- Theo. Hein Furniture Co. [Google Street View]
*note: Short St is now Market St.


Lafayette to Washington

Lafayette-Michigan-Washington-Ontario. Establishments: City Truck and Storage Co. -- M. SeyFrng & Co. -- S. W. Flower & Seed Ware Co. [Google Street View]

Lafayette-Ontario-Washington-Erie. Establishments: Toledo, St. Louis & Kansas City R.R. Depot -- Vatoldi Hotel. [Google Street View]

Lafayette-Erie-Washington-Huron. Establishments: Berdan & Co. Ware House -- Blacksmith -- Clover Leaf Hotel -- Livery -- Saloon -- Saloon -- Toledo Coffee and Spice Co. -- Wagon Shed & Feed Barn [Google Street View]

Lafayette-Huron-Washington-[alley]. Establishments: McGettigan Cartage and Storage Co. -- Saloon -- Saloon -- Stable. [Google Street View]

Lafayette-[alley]-Washington-Superior. Establishments: Blacksmith -- Hanner House -- Hoppe and Strub Bottling Co. -- Livery -- Livery -- Maumee Brewing Co. [Google Street View]

Lafayette-Superior-Washington-St. Clair. Establishments: Beer Garden -- Billiard Hall -- Blacksmith -- Cigar Factory -- Dixon's Block -- Eagle Hotel -- Livery -- Ohio Steel Wheel Barrow Co. -- Pearl Hotel -- Saloon -- Shaw Kendell Engineering Co. [Google Street View]

Lafayette-Depot-Washington-Swan Creek. Establishments: Draper and Nugent Show Case Factory -- J. E. Quinn Horse Collar Factory -- Restaurant -- Tailor -- U. S. Hotel [Google Street View]


Washington to Monroe

Washington-10th-Monroe-Michigan. Establishments: Bakery -- Barber -- Cobbler -- Synagogue. [Google Street View]

Washington-Michigan-Monroe-Ontario. Establishments: Flats -- Hand Laundry -- Scott Block. [Google Street View]

Washington-Ontario-Monroe- Erie. Establishments: Blacksmith -- Cigar Factory -- -- Eckhart Monument Co. -- Hall -- Norris Flats -- Warren Chapel A.M.E. [Google Street View]

Washington-Erie-Monroe-Huron. Establishments: Hannon Block -- Peerless Knitting Mills Co. -- Printing -- Saloon -- Saloon -- Saloon -- Salvation Army Barracks. [Google Street View]

Washington-Huron-Monroe-Superior*. Establishments: Bakery -- Bakery -- Barber -- Farmers Hotel -- Market Theatre -- Printing -- Saloon -- Wagon Yard and Stable. [Google Street View]
*Note: Superior has ceased to be a street betweeen Monroe and Washington

Washington-Superior*-Monroe-St. Clair. Establishments: Billiard Hall -- -- City Courtroom and Prison -- Continental Hotel -- Hotel Union -- Market House -- Merchants Hotel -- Police Headquarters -- Printing -- Saloon -- Saloon -- Saloon -- Steam Laundry -- Toledo Brass and Iron Finishing. [Google Street View]
*Note: Superior has ceased to be a street betweeen Monroe and Washington

Washington-St. Clair-Perry-Swan Creek. Establishments: Blacksmith -- C. H. Moore Edge Tool Factory -- C. J. Cambell Electro-Typing -- Carriage Top Factory -- Fred Hofer Jr. Galvanized Iron Cornice Works -- Novelty Mfg. -- Printing -- Salvation Army -- Universal Machine and Elevator Works. [Google Street View]

Perry-St. Clair-Monroe-Summit. Establishments: Book Bindery -- Heavy Hardware Warehouse. [Google Street View]

Perry-Summit-Monrose-Swan Creek. Establishments: Blacksmith -- Saloon -- Toledo Saw Co. [Google Street View]


Monroe to Jefferson

Monroe-10th-Jefferson-Michigan. Establishments: Ashley Bldg. -- The Holland -- Miami Bldg. -- Zenobia Bldg. -- Zenobia Bldg. Hall [Google Street View]

Monroe-Michigan-Jefferson-Ontario. Establishments: Ashley Block -- Ashley Flats -- Carriage Factory -- J. M. Bour Co. Coffee and Spice Mills -- Jewish Club -- Pythian Castle Dance Hall -- Toledo Pharmaceutical [Google Street View]

Monroe-Ontario-Jefferson-Erie. Establishments: Atlas Hotel -- Blacksmith -- Burt's Theatre -- Cigar Box and Clock Hanger Factory -- Cratz Bros. Fanning Mills -- H. Karg Stonecutting Co. -- Livery -- Ohio Steam Cooker Factory -- Ontario Bldg. -- Overall Factory -- Saloon -- Veterinary [Google Street View]

Monroe-Erie-Jefferson-Huron. Establishments: Perfection Shirt Waist Co. -- Toledo Chandelier Mfg. Co. [Google Street View]

Monroe-Huron-Jefferson-Superior. Establishments: Bar -- Flour Packing and Mixing -- Ranson and Randolph Mfg. of Barbers Furniture and Tools -- Restaurant -- Saloon -- Saloon -- Steam Laundry -- The Denison Bldg. [Google Street View]

Monroe-Superior-Jefferson-St. Clair*. Establishments: Coghlin Block -- Harness Mfg. -- Restaurant -- Restaurant -- Saloon -- Wendt and Rausch Printing and Binding -- Wheeler Block [Google Street View]
*Note: St. Clair has ceased to be a street betweeen Monroe and Jefferson. The Seagate Centre occupies that space today.

Monroe-St. Clair*-Jefferson-Summit. Establishments: Bank -- C. Z. Kron Mfg. of Buggy Tops -- Candy Factory -- Cigar Factory -- Devaux Hotel -- Harness Mfg. -- Ohio Knitting Mills -- Photographer -- Stencil Works and Wood Engraving [Google Street View]
*Note: St. Clair has ceased to be a street betweeen Monroe and Jefferson. The Seagate Centre occupies that space today.

Monroe-Summit-Jefferson-Swan Creek/Maumee River. Establishments: Cigar Factory -- Cigar Factory -- Fort Industry Block -- J. and B. Bank [Google Street View]


Jefferson to Madison

Jefferson-10th-Madison-Michigan. Establishments: The Carleton -- The Lexington-- Monticello Family Hotel -- Paris Flats -- Vienna Flats [Google Street View]

Jefferson-Michigan-Madison-Ontario. Establishments: Aloine Hotel -- Alpha Hotel -- Livery -- Livery -- Steam Dye Works -- Steam Laundry -- The Watts [Google Street View]

Jefferson-Ontario-Madison-Erie. Establishments: Barber -- City Library -- Fire Co. No. 3 -- Livery -- Saloon -- Saloon (with pool hall) [Google Street View]

Jefferson-Erie-Madison-Huron. Establishments: Home Telephone Bldg. -- I.O.O.F. Hall -- The Merrill Press -- Stag Hotel -- Stag Hotel Bath -- The Wayne [Google Street View]

Jefferson-Huron-Madison-Superior*. Establishments: Billiard Hall -- F. Bissell Co. Mfg. of Electrical Supplies -- Currier Concert Hall -- Nasby Bldg. -- Nasby Bldg. Hotel -- Secor Bldg. -- Toledo Club (with billiard hall on second floor) [Google Street View]
*Note: Superior has ceased to be a street betweeen Jefferson and Madison

Jefferson-Superior*-Madison-St. Clair. Establishments: The Blade Newspaper Offices --Boody Hotel -- Congregational Church -- St. Charles Hotel -- Turkish Baths -- B. F. Wade Printing Co. [Google Street View]
*Note: Superior has ceased to be a street betweeen Jefferson and Madison

Jefferson-St. Clair-Madison*-Summit. Establishments: Hall -- Jefferson Hotel -- United States Post Office and Custom House. [Google Street View]
*Note: Madison Ave. ends at N. St. Clair/Levis Square and continues as pedestrian path to N. Summit.

Jefferson-Summit-Madison-Water*. Establishments: Chamber of Commerce Bldg. -- Sausage Factory. [Google Street View]
*Note: Water Street has ceased to be a street between Madison and Jefferson

Jefferson-Water*-Madison-Maumee River. Establishments: J. N. Dewey's Fish House -- Marine Bldg. [Google Street View]
*Note: Water Street has ceased to be a street south of Madison.


Madison to Adams

Madison-10th*-Adams-Michigan. Establishments: Central High School -- University of Toledo Manual Training School. [Google Street View]
*Note: 10th Street has ceased to be a street between Adams and Madison

Madison-Michigan-Adams-Ontario. Establishments: Photo Gallery -- Soldier's Memorial Hall [Google Street View]

Madison-Ontario-Adams-Erie. Establishments: Adams St. Mission House -- Cafe -- Livery -- Madison Hotel -- Swanona Hotel -- Tobacco Works [Google Street View]

Madison-Erie-Adams-Huron. Establishments: Elk Lodge (with hall) -- The Nicholas Flats [Google Street View]

Madison-Huron-Adams-Superior. Establishments: Billiard Hall -- Gardner Bldg. -- Lucas Flats -- Masonic Temple -- National Union Bldg. -- National Union Bldg. Hall -- Spitzer Bldg. [Google Street View]

Madison-Superior-Adams-St. Clair. Establishments: Billiard Hall -- Blacksmith -- Candy Factory -- "China" Laundry -- The Gasto (cafe) -- Hall -- Maumee Photo Engraving -- Produce Exchange Bldg. -- Toledo Law Bldg. -- Undertaker -- The Worthington [Google Street View]

Madison-St. Clair-Adams-Summit. Establishments: Billiard Hall and Bar -- The Blade Printing Co. -- Bowling Alley -- Business College -- Corset Factory -- The Fair -- Ketcham National Bank -- Merchants National Bank -- Photographer -- Photographer -- Second National Bank -- St. Clair Bldg. -- The Tavern Cafe and Saloon -- Toledo Bee Newspaper Offices -- Trunk Factory [Google Street View]

Madison-Summit-Adams-Water*. Establishments: Bank -- Bank -- Bowling Alley and Saloon -- Colton Mfg. Co. -- Harrington Spring Co. -- Hose Co. No. 11 -- Niagara Hotel -- Photographer -- Saloon -- Tailor -- Tailor [Google Street View]
*Note: Water Street and Adams no longer intersect.

Madison-Water*-Adams*-Maumee River. Establishments: Toledo Traction Co's Power House -- Lake Erie Transportation Co. Warehouse -- Michigan Salt Warehouse. [Google Street View]
*Note: Water Street and Adams no longer intersect. Adams ends at N. Summit


Adams to Jackson

Adams-10th-Jackson-Michigan. Establishments: The Schmidt Flats -- Y.M.C.A. Bldg. [Google Street View]

Adams-Michigan-Jackson-Erie*. Establishments: Lucas County Courthouse [Google Street View]
*Note: Ontario only partially extends into the space occupied by the Court house (in the background, behind the trees.)

Adams-Erie-Jackson-Huron. Establishments: Bakery -- Alex Black and Co. Cloak Factory -- Cafe -- Earl Flats -- Flats -- St. Paul's Luthern Church [Google Street View]

Adams-Huron-Jackson-Superior. Establishments: Bakery -- Bakery -- Billiard Hall -- Bowling Alley -- Cohen, Friedlander and Martin Cloak Factory -- Dr.'s Office -- Lincoln Club -- Meyer's Block -- Woolson Spice Co. [Google Street View]

Adams-Superior-Jackson-St. Clair. Establishments: City Council Chambers -- Defiance Tick Mitten Co. -- Dining Room -- Allen Germ Proof Filter Co. -- Livery -- Livery -- Printing -- Steam Laundry -- Superior Hotel -- Valentine Theatre [Google Street View]

Adams-St. Clair-Jackson-Summit. Establishments: Empire Arcade Music Hall -- Empire Theatre -- Hall -- Photographer -- Printing -- St. Clair Hotel -- Trinity Church [Google Street View]

Adams*-Summit-Jackson*-Water*. Establishments: Empire Arcade -- Livery -- Steam Laundry -- Undertaker -- Wagner Bldg. -- Whitker Manufacturing Co. (sash and doors) [Google Street View]
*Note: Adams, Water, and Jackson no longer intersect at this location.

Adams*-Water*-Jackson*-Maumee River. Establishments: Crescus Wall Plaster Plant -- Lake Erie Sand and Gravel Co. [Google Street View]
*Note: None of the streets intersect at this location anymore; Maumee River is visible in the background.


Jackson to Orange

Jackson-Canton-State-Spielbusch. Establishment: Stable. [Google Street View]

Jackson-Spielbusch-Beech*-Ontario*. Establishments: Baseball Park (Armory) -- County Jail -- ourt House Power Co. -- Sheriff's Dept. -- Toledo Paper Box Co. [Google Street View]
*Note: *Note: Ontario and Beech no longer intersect in this block.

Jackson-Ontario*-Beech*-Erie. Establishment: Toledo Mattress Co. [Google Street View]
*Note: Ontario and Beech do not intersect here; Beech ends at Erie; Ontario ends at Adams

Beech*-Spielbusch-Orange*-Ontario. Establishments: Ohio National Guard Armory [Google Street View]
*Note: This section of Orange is now called Constitution Ave. Beech is no longer a street in this block.

Beech*-Ontario*-Orange*-Erie. Establishments: The Goodsell Mfg. Co. -- Industrial School [Google Street View]
*Note: Beech is no longer a street in this block. Ontario and Orange no longer intersect here. This section of Orange is now called Constitution Ave.

Jackson-Erie-Beech-Huron. Establishments: Bryan Flats -- Paste Making [Google Street View]

Beech-Erie-Orange-Huron. Establishment: Erie St. School [Google Street View]

Jackson-Huron-Beech-Superior. Establishments: The Imperial -- Machinery [Google Street View]
Source: Baist's Real Estate Atlas, 1904

Jackson-Superior-Orange-St. Clair*. Establishments: Berlin Block -- Candy Factory -- Gendron Wheel Co. -- Lyceum Theatre -- Normandie Hotel -- Pants Factory -- Printing [Google Street View]
*Note: St. Clair has ceased to be a street between Cherry and Jackson

Jackson-St. Clair*-Summit*. Establishments: Bakery -- Cafe -- Central Hotel -- Dance Hall -- Printing -- Restaurant -- Saloon and Restaurant -- Sausage Factory --  Fred Siebert Wagon Shop -- Toledo Express Newspaper Offices and Printing -- Y.M.C.A. [Google Street View]
*Note: St. Clair ends north of Jackson and does not merge with Summit; the Vistula Parking Garage structure occupies this space.


Jackson to Cherry

Jackson-Summit-Lynn*-Water*. Establishments: Barber -- Blacksmith -- Donovan Wire and Iron Works -- Gunsmith -- Lynn St. Mills (flour) -- Vacant Theatre -- Valentine Block [Google Street View]
*Note: These streets no longer intersect here; Lynn no longer exists; the Fifth Third Building occupies this space

Lynn*- Summit-Cherry-Water*. Establishments: Blacksmith -- Calvin Bldg. -- Dance Hall -- Dow and Snell Co. (coffee roasting and packing) -- Livery -- Veterinary [Google Street View]
*Note: Lynn St. has ceased to exist; Water St. does not reach that far south of the Cherry/Main St/Martin Luther King bridge

Jackson-Water-Cherry-Maumee River. Establishments: J. Kurtz Cold Storage -- Lumber Dock -- Thompson & Lamb Fish House [Google Street View]


Orange to Cherry

Orange*-Spielbusch-Cherry-N. Michigan. Establishments: Boarding House -- Cherry St. Market -- Hotel [Google Street View]
*Note: This section of Orange is now called Constitution Ave.

Orange*-Michigan-Cherry-Ontario*. Establishments: Cherry St. House Saloon -- St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church and School [Google Street View]
*Note: Ontario and Orange no longer intersect here; This section of Orange is now called Constitution Ave.

Orange-Ontario*-Cherry-Erie. Establishments: Keip Bldg. -- Photographer -- Sanfleet's Block -- Sausage Factory -- The White City [Google Street View]
*Note: Orange and Cherry no longer intersect with Ontario at this location.

Orange-Erie-Cherry-Huron. Establishments: The Colorado Block -- Epstein Block -- First Presbyterian Church [Google Street View]

Orange-Huron-Cherry-Superior. Establishments: Cooney Carriage Co. -- Fred Kopf Carriage and Wagon Factory -- St. Francis De Sales Roman Catholic Church and School -- Steam Fire Co. No. 2 [Google Street View]

Orange-Ostrich*/Superior-Cherry-St. Clair*. Establishments: George Hotel -- Humane Society -- Photographer -- Tailor -- Western Gas Fixture Co. [Google Street View]
*Note: Ostrich ends north of the Greek Orthodox Church and no longer intersects with Cherry and Orange, and St. Clair St. no longer goes through this block because the Vistula Parking Garage occupies this block today.