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Toledo’s Canals (20-48)

Toledo's Canals (20-48, Front)







Location: Courthouse square, SE corner of N Michigan Street and Jackson Street. [Google Street View]

Text, Side A: The first canal boat arrived in Toledo from Indiana in 1843 via the Wabash & Erie Canal. The Miami & Erie Canal from Cincinnati was completed in 1845. It joined the W & E Canal near Defiance and they shared the same course along the Maumee River. The final section of the canal from Toledo’s Swan Creek Side Cut to Manhattan and passed across the present courthouse square.

  Toledo's Canals (20-48, Back)






Text, Side B: Toledo won the canal business and became its northern terminus when the state abandoned the Manhattan extension in 1864. The Indiana link ceased operation in 1874. Railroad competition and 1913's severe flooding marked the end of Ohio's canal era. From Waterville to Toledo the Anthony Wayne Trail now follows the historic route of the former canals.