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There are many more historic places throughout Toledo and surrounding communities that have not been recognized for a historical marker or monument but nonethtless are significant in the historical context of the city and its community.

Bank Row -- Dorr Street -- Swayne Field -- Toledo's Labor Temple

Bank Row

Bank RowOhio BankOhio Bank, View of the top






Location: Foot of Madison Avenue, Toledo

This two-block strip of Madison Avenue was Toledo's financial district. On this corner in the summer of 1931, thousands of panicked depositors crowded to remove their savings from the city's banks. All but one bank closed their doors and liquidated in the Great Depression.


Dorr Street

Dorr Street








Location: Dorr runs from Washington St. West to the city limits.

Dorr Street was the commercial heart of the African American community until it was destroyed in a fit of "Urban Renewal" in the late 1960s. Residents were displaced amid promises to "rebuild" the community. Even today, thirty years later, much of the area remains empty grassy lots.

Swayne Field

Swayne Field, a remaining section of the ball park's wall







Location: Monroe and Detroit Avenues, Toledo

Swayne Field was the home field of the Toledo Mun Hens. Over this wall flew balls hit by many baseball legends.

Historic Places

Toledo's Labor Temple

Toledo's Labor Temple







Location: Corner of 10th and Adams Sts., Toledo

Built with the individual donations of thousands of Toledo's trade unionists, the old Labor Temple was the site of many events in the city's industrial and social history.

Historic Places