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The Blade (19-48)

The Blade (19-48, Front)







Location: 541 N. Superior Street, Toledo, OH, 43660 [Google Street View]

Text: The Toledo Blade is the city’s oldest continuing business. The newspaper was first published on December 19, 1835, during the Ohio-Michigan boundary dispute known as the "Toledo War." The name is derived from that conflict and the famous swords of Toledo, Spain. A copy of the first edition and two gift swords from that Spanish city are displayed inside the Blade Building.

  The Blade (19-48, Back)






Text:David Ross Locke, editor (1865-1888), made The Blade nationally known. Using the pseudonym Petroleum V. Nasby, Locke gained fame for his satirical Nasby Letters and advocacy of social reforms. On May 1, 1927, President Coolidge assisted Paul Block, Blade publisher (1926-1941), by touching a gold key at the White House to officially start the presses at this location.